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Congratulations! In August 2010, RGC signed an agreement with the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)to mark the launch of a new joint research scheme which strengthens cooperation in the fields of science and innovation, and promotes scientific research and technological exchanges between the researchers in the Netherlands and Hong Kong. The Scheme offers travel grants to support scholarly collaboration between individual Hong Kong and Dutch researchers as well as workshop grants to sponsor workshops held in Hong Kong and the Netherlands. 

In the same month, RGC established another joint research scheme with the Spanish National Research Council, (CSIC) which promotes research collaboration between Hong Kong and Spain by providing resarchers in the two places with two-year travel grants. 

Applications for research grants under the two new schemes are now called for and the deadline for application is 30 November 2010. Hong Kong applicants please refer to the respective call circulars on the RGC’s website /eng/rgc for the application form and in preparing their proposals and CVs. They should also check with the Research Offices of the respective institutions for internal deadline.


The signing parties - Professor Roland Chin, Chairman of RGC and Dr Louis Vertegaal, the Director of Astronomy, Chemistry, Computer Sciences and Mathematics of NWO