From Chinese literature
to political science
Research at Lingnan University involves a range of disciplines from Chinese literature and comparative linguistics to political science and social studies.
Among current research funded by the RGC is a study on ancient and early medieval Chinese poetry, leader relationships in China, and social returns from higher education investment in Hong Kong.
Other on-going studies are on Hong Kong literature and culture, and on Hong Kong’s ‘bubble economy’.
Words flow towards a metaphor thesaurus
Researchers at Lingnan University are investigating metaphors used in the English and Chinese languages.
One result of the RGC-funded project will be a bilingual thesaurus of metaphors particularly aimed at translators.
The study is also expected to form the basis of further research into teaching vocabulary to learners of the two languages.
Everyday language is rich with metaphors, says principal investigator Dr Andrew Goatly. Money, for example, is often conceptualised metaphorically as fluid. Expressions include liquid and frozen assets and the injection of funds and solvency. Current accounts are topped up and ailing companies haemorrhage funds.
Metaphors affect the way people think and express their culture. While some may be universal and found in both English and Chinese, others are culturally specific.

Principal Investigator
Dr Andrew Goatly, Dept of English