Chinese medicine
a strategic cornerstone
Research into Chinese medicine is one of the Hong Kong Baptist University’s strategic cornerstones.
A HK$1.96 million grant from the RGC enabled the purchase of equipment to study elements in Chinese herbs. The equipment also enables the university to perform quality assurance assessments for organisations such as the Consumer Council.
Sewage sludge recycled as fertiliser for plants
Test beds for the sewage
sludge research
Sewage sludge, produced from Hong Kong’s upgraded wastewater treatment facilities, is being recycled and used as plant fertilizer following research at Hong Kong Baptist University.
Researchers had two main concerns about recycling; concentrations of heavy metals from industry-derived sludge, and salt due to sea water toilet flushing. Recycling, however, provided a productive alternative to using the sludge as landfill.
Results of the three-year research produced an alkaline stabilisation technique which is currently being commercialised. Also application guidelines which include applying no more than four per cent of the alkaline-stabilised sewage sludge to the amended soils to control the amounts of available heavy metals and to provide sufficient nutrients for plant growth.

Principal Investigator
Dr Jonathan W C Wong, Biology Dept.