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City University’s research facilities are rapidly expanding. Four Applied Strategic Development Centres, established last year, are encouraging the commercial application of technology innovations resulting from research.
Also recently set up have been 13 research centres; six funded centrally by CityU, and seven at faculty level, to nurture excellence in selected strategic areas. At the planning stage is a Research Institute to support multi-disciplinary research.
In addition to research infrastructure, CityU is making funds available both centrally and at faculty level to allow staff time-release for full-time research or attachments to companies.
Study seeks optimal charges at Chek Lap Kok
Chek Lap Kok study looks at revenue
needs v competitiveness
Pricing policies at Chek Lap Kok airport (CLK) and the efficient management of airlines are being researched at City University. Among issues receiving special attention is the balance between aircraft landing charges, airport revenue requirements, and overall economic growth.
The research comes amid debate on CLK’s regional competitiveness. At the beginning of this year, aircraft landing charges were reduced by 15 per cent. Charges are based on the principle of cost recovery plus a 5 per cent return on capital.
Researchers are probing factors involved in price elasticity. Among them are price sensitivity of airlines, and whether CLK’s pricing is competitive with other airports in the region. Important for airlines are landing charges as a percentage of total operating costs, and their mix of short and long haul operations. Short haul routes mean more frequent landings, and higher costs.
CLK, meanwhile, must be alert to the percentage of transit passengers and cargo and the risk that they may be flown direct to their final destinations or competing hub airports if charges are too high.
The three-year project is scheduled for completion in mid 2001.

Principal Investigator, Dr Yimin Zhang
Dept of Economics and Finance