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Membership of Strategy Sub-Committee

The University Grants Committee (UGC), which normally meets three times a year in Hong Kong, is assisted in its work by the following standing Sub-Committees and Groups: General Affairs and Management Sub-Committee (GAMSC), Strategy Sub-Committee (SSC), Research Group (RG), Financial Affairs Group (FAG), Financial Affairs Expert Working Group (FAEWG), Task Force on Implementation of the Governance Report Recommendations and Task Force on the Review of the Research Grants Council (Phase I). Ad hoc groups and panels will be convened according to the task at hand.

The Research Grants Council (RGC) is established under the aegis of the UGC and functions as a semi-autonomous advisory body within the organisational structure of the Committee. It works in close partnership with the UGC and advises and reports to the SAR Government through the UGC on matters within its purview.

The Quality Assurance Council (QAC), a semi-autonomous advisory body, is also established under the UGC in April 2007. It aims to assist the UGC in assuring the quality of programmes (however funded) at first degree and above levels offered by UGC-funded institutions.

The UGC, its councils, sub-committees and various groups are served by a Secretariat which is a branch of the Government staffed mainly by civil servants. The Secretariat is headed by the Secretary-General, UGC who is statutorily responsible for monies controlled by the UGC.

The current committee structure and the membership are shown here.