Downloading the Excel files used in RAE '99

Please follow the steps* below to download them to your hard disk.

  1. Press the right mouse button over the filename below

  2. Choose Save this link as

  3. Select the target directory on your hard disk and press OK

  4. The file will be successfully saved to your hard disk.

[* The steps given are for PC users using a Netscape browser. For Mac users, simply click on the filename and follow instructions in the pop-up window. Your Netscape browser may have to be configured so that it will know that the file is to be downloaded. Look in Options/General Preferences/Helpers to change your configuration if necessary. If you are not sure how to do this, consult a colleague or friend who may have the necessary expertise. If your browser is not configured to do this, try pressing and holding down your mouse button over the file name - this should bring up the same dialogue as for PC users.]

Table Excel File
Table 1 xls file rae96t1.xls
Table 2 xls file rae96t2.xls
Table 3 xls file rae96t3.xls
Appendix F1 xls file appendc1.xls
Appendix F2 xls file appendc2.xls
Appendix F3 xls file appendc3.xls