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Research Assessment Exercise

The Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) is part of the UGC's commitment to assessing the performance of the UGC-funded universities and is intended to encourage world-class research and drive excellence. The RAE assesses the research quality of UGC-funded universities by using international benchmarks to delineate their areas of relative strength and make recommendations for further improvements. The UGC has since conducted five RAEs in 1993, 1996, 1999, 2006 and 2014.

Results of the RAE 2014 reveal that the eight UGC-funded universities have made great strides in their research profile to the level of internationally excellent across the broad front with some areas of research advanced at the level of world leading. The UGC has deliberated on the future of research assessment in Hong Kong since 2016. A new RAE will be conducted in 2020. The RAE 2020 is the first time that RAE includes research impact as part of the assessment, with a view to encouraging the conduct of research of broader social relevance with high economic and social benefits. The UGC set up the RAE Group under the Research Group to oversee the planning and implementation of the exercise.

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