Appendix B

STAFF GRADES, Modes and Funding Sources

Academic Grades
Academic, Senior Academic, Junior
A. Professor E. Principal Lecturer (P), junior
B. Reader F. Senior Lecturer (P)
C. Senior Lecturer (U) G. Lecturer (U)
D. Principal Lecturer (P), senior H. Lecturer (P)
I. Assistant Lecturer
J. Instructor
K. Demonstrator/Tutor/Teaching Assistant
L. Other, including language assistant, field work supervisor etc
Research Staff (Staff who spend essentially all their time on research)
M. Senior Research staff ["leaders", N. Junior Research staff ("followers"; usually Post Doctoral) usually Graduate]
Non-Academic Grades
O. Admin, Senior P. Admin, Junior (including secretarial)
Q. Technical, Senior R. Technical, Junior
S. other, including "Mod 1"
Staff Mode Source of Staff salary funding
F: Full-time W: wholly from General Funds (WfGF)
P: Part-time P: partly from General Funds (PfGF)
N: not from General Funds (NfGF)