Annex G - UGC Membership 1993-96


  • Mr Antony K C Leung, OBE, JP (Banker)

Local Businessmen/Professionals

  • Mr Henry H L Fan (Business/Barrister) - from January 1994

  • Mr Jacland C L Lai (Headmaster) - from November 1994

  • Mr Peter S T Lee, JP (Headmaster) - until September 1994

  • Mr Norman N P Leung, OBE, JP (Solicitor) - from April 1996

  • Dr York Liao (Businessman) - from November 1994

  • The Hon Henry Y Y Tang, JP (Industrialist) - until March 1995

  • Mr H Y Wong (Industrial and Business Development) - until March 1995

Local Academics

  • Professor Ping K Ko (Engineering)

  • Ms Diana P S Mak (Applied Social Studies)

  • Professor Richard Y C Wong (Economics and Finance)

  • Professor Kenneth Young (Physics)

Non-Local Academics

  • Professor Sir Colin Dollery (Medicine, UK)

  • Professor Inga-Stina Ewbank (English, UK)

  • Professor Albert R George (Engineering, USA)

  • Professor Lu Yongxiang (Engineering, PRC) - from March 1996

  • Professor William F Massy (Education and Business Administration, USA)

  • Professor Sir Ronald Oxburgh, KBE, FRS (Geophysics, UK)

  • Sir Edward Parkes, DL, FEng (Engineering, UK)

  • Professor Helen F H Siu (Anthropology, USA)

  • Professor Brian W Smith, AO (Engineering, Australia)

  • Professor Sir Stewart Sutherland, FBA (Philosophy, UK) - from April 1995

  • Professor Frans van Vught (Public Policy, Netherlands) - from August 1996

  • Professor Wee Chow Hou (Business Administration, Singapore) - from August 1996

  • Dr Anne Wright (English, UK)


  • Mr Nigel J French, JP

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