The members of the University Grants Committee, who are solely responsible for the writing of this report, are pleased to acknowledge the assistance of the Secretary-General and his staff in the report's preparation. In particular the Committee is grateful for the assistance of three officers in the Secretariat.

Mr Brian Lo, Miss Mary Tsang and Ms Katrina Lai carried out much research and liaised with many outside bodies to collect the vast amount of detailed factual information on which the report is based and made innumerable checks for internal consistency of the data. They also undertook the production of the report which, particularly in the presentation of tables and diagrams, has required considerable technical expertise.

We thank them for their many months of hard work, and the quality of the final result.

Supplementary Acknowledgement

Members also wish to thank those careful censors among their own ranks who have ensured the elimination of all attempts at literary style, elegance of writing, lightheartedness, words not found in kindergarten primers, and nasty foreign phrases.

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