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UGC statement on new academic structure

The University Grants Committee (UGC) today (May 18) reaffirms its support for the development of the new academic structure of senior secondary education and higher education.

The UGC strongly believes that all students stand to benefit significantly from the move to six years of secondary schooling and a normative four-year undergraduate programme as it will provide a more balanced, all-round and fulfilling learning experience that suits their different needs, aptitudes, abilities and interests.

Having an additional undergraduate year will enable students to have more time and space to build a broader knowledge base and a more solid foundation for whole-person development. This will be conducive to the nurturing of capable talents to underpin the development of a knowledge-based economy as well as to meet the rapid changing needs of the society.

In addition, the UGC also welcomes that the Administration has decided on a firm implementation date for all parties to work on. The Committee is fully committed to working hand in hand with institutions and the Administration towards this timetable with a view to ensuring a smooth transition to the new academic structure.

Equally importantly, the UGC shall also ensure that the four-year undergraduate programmes will ultimately deliver their full potential of enhancing the higher education experience by supporting and working with our institutions to make the best out of the new academic structure.

End/Wednesday, May 18, 2005