NSFC/RGC Joint Research Scheme - List of Funded Projects for 2023/24
RGC Project No. Project Title Hong Kong
Principal Investigator /
Mainland Principal Investigator /
Funding Period
Amount Awarded by RGC
Information Technology
N_CUHK410/23 In Vivo Navigation and Control of Robotic Bronchoscopy for Lung Nodule Biopsy in Dynamic Environments Prof Qi Dou /
Prof Hesheng Wang / Shanghai Jiao Tong University 48 1,225,657
N_CUHK431/23 Development of Multi-Scale Multimodal Intelligent Three-Dimensional Light Microscopy System for Whole-Brain Imaging and Analysis Prof Renjie Zhou / CUHK Prof Xu Liu /
Zhejiang University
48 1,203,311
N_HKBU212/23 A Privacy-Preserving Generalised Heterogeneous Federated Learning Framework for Biometrics Verification Prof Pong-chi Yuen /
Prof Mang Ye /
Wuhan University
48 925,806
N_HKU718/23 Practical quantum dynamics simulation — theory and application Dr Qi Zhao /
Dr Xiao Yuan /
Peking University
48 1,233,750
N_HKUST605/23 Automated Detection and Mitigation of Software Side Channel Vulnerabilities for Trusted Execution Environments Dr Shuai Wang / HKUST Prof Yinqian Zhang / Southern University of Science and Technology 48 1,180,452
N_HKUST638/23 Research on millimeter scale continuum robot and probe for endoscopic laser surgery Prof Ya-jing Shen / HKUST Prof Wanfeng Shang / Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences 48 1,233,750
Life Science
N_CityU136/23 Development of chemical biology tools and structural and functional studies of GPCRX89, an important target in gastrointestinal stromal tumor Prof Hongyan Sun / CityU Prof Jinpeng Sun / Shandong University 48 1,233,750
N_CUHK426/23 The Development of Palladium Catalyst Systems for Catalytic Construction of Quaternary Carbon/Silicon-Stereogenic Centers Prof Fuk-yee Kwong /
Prof Li-wen Xu / Hangzhou Normal University 48 1,233,750
N_CUHK456/23 Mechanistic Basis and Therapeutic Targeting of Pathologic Phase Separation and Aberrant Genome Architecture for Cancer Immunotherapy Prof Alfred Sze-lok Cheng /
Prof Jia Wang / Guangzhou Medical University 48 1,212,431
N_CUHK484/23 Investigation on the Molecular Mechanisms by Which RNA Viruses Control Replication Accuracy with Application to Antiviral Drug Sensitivity Assessment through a Tightly Integrative Approach Dr Peter Pak-hang Cheung /
Dr Peng Gong /
Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
48 1,213,615
N_HKBU201/23 Screening, functional identification and transport mechanism study of tanshinone transporters in Salvia miltiorrhiza Dr Pan Liao /
Dr Guoyin Kai / Zhejiang Chinese Medical University 48 1,233,750
N_HKBU218/23 Brain Connectome of model-based learning and cognitive flexibility in gifted individuals Dr Rongjun Yu /
Dr Shaozheng Qin / Beijing Normal University 48 1,135,050
N_HKU702/23 Discovery of novel molecular glue molecules by using DNA-encoded chemical libraries (DELs) Prof Xiaoyu Li /
Prof Yizhou Li / Chongqing University 48 873,692
N_PolyU573/23 Novel SNARE Complexes for Autophagosome-lysosome Fusion: Mechanistic Study and Strategy for Modulation Prof Yanxiang Zhao /
Prof Rong Liu /
China Agricultural University
48 1,219,537
N_CUHK448/23 Neural Cell-Secreted HTRA1 Protease Promotes Gastric Tumorigenesis via Regulatory of Hippo Pathway in Epithelial Cells Prof Ka-fai To /
Prof Zhaocai Zhou / Fudan University 48 1,233,750
N_CUHK486/23 MHC Class II+ Adipocyte in Control of White Adipose Tissue Browning Dr Xiaoyan Hui /
Prof Tuo Deng /
Central South University
48 1,233,750
N_HKBU205/23 Study of TWIK2 channel as the Key Therapeutic Target for Parkinson's Disease Dr Ken Kin-lam Yung /
Dr Pingzheng Zhou / Southern Medical University 48 1,210,654
N_HKU778/23 Photoresponsive mRNA Delivery System for Esophageal Carcinoma Treatment Dr Weiping Wang / HKU Prof Changyou Zhan / Fudan University 48 1,184,400
Management Science
N_CityU146/23 Asset-stranding Risks on Energy Firms under the Carbon Neutrality Goals and Spillover Effects on the Capital Market in mainland China and Hong Kong Dr Lin Zhang /
Dr Wenji Zhou / Renmin University of China 48 1,160,712
N_CUHK460/23 An Empirical Research of a Multimodal Decision Aid to Support Shared Decision-making among Women Newly Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Prof Ka-ming Chow /
Prof Jiemin Zhu / Xiamen University 48 1,233,750
Marine and Environmental Science
N_HKU722/23 Advancing pollen-induced health risk assessment with geospatial big data Dr Bin Chen /
Prof Xuecao Li /
China Agricultural University
48 1,196,323
N_HKUST616/23 A Model-based Study on Atmosphere–Wave–Ocean Coupling and its Modulation in Extreme Rainfall Events over the Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macau Greater Bay Area under Climate Change Prof Jimmy Chi-hung Fung /
Prof Shaoqing Zhang / Ocean University of China 48 1,233,750
New Materials Science
N_CityU102/23 Efficient and Stable Self-assembled Monolayer Hole Transporting Materials for Inverted Perovskite Solar Cells Prof Zonglong Zhu /
Prof Zhong'an Li / Huazhong University of Science and Technology 48 1,233,750
N_CityU141/23 Multi-scale inverse design and experimental verification of high-entropy solder Prof Yingxia Liu /
Prof Yuzheng Guo / Wuhan University 48 1,055,498
N_CityU151/23 Bulk complex concentrated alloys based on grain boundary complexion engineering and study of their toughening mechanisms Prof Jian Lu /
Prof Ge Wu /
Xi'an Jiaotong University
48 1,056,090
N_CityU160/23 Rational Design of Engineered Two Dimensional C3N4 Photocatalyst for Simultaneous Removal of Organic Pollutants and Green Energy Production Prof Yun-hau Ng / CityU Prof Yuekun Lai / Fuzhou University 48 987,000
N_CUHK409/23 The Development of Tendon Extracellular Matrix-Enriched, Amino Acid Polymer Hydrogel for Functional Tendon Regeneration Prof Dan Wang /
Prof Runhui Liu /
East China University of Science and Technology
48 1,226,644
N_CUHK479/23 Three-Dimensional Photonic Topological Insulators Operating at Telecom Wavelengths Prof Xiankai Sun / CUHK Prof Zhen Gao / Southern University of Science and Technology 48 1,230,671
N_HKU721/23 The investigation of biodegradable zinc-lithium-magnesium alloy as a novel implant to promote osteogenesis through the stimulation of the bone-brain axis Dr Wei Qiao /
Prof Yufeng Zheng / Peking University 48 1,212,135
N_HKU750/23 Development of Quantum-Enhanced Diamond Molecular Tension Microscopy: Towards Precise and Label-free Imaging of Cellular Forces Dr Zhiqin Chu /
Prof Qiang Wei / Sichuan University 48 1,233,750
N_HKUST611/23 Exploring high-performance cold-sintering ceramics and their 3D heterogeneous chip integration Prof Jian-nong Wang / HKUST Prof Hong Wang / Southern University of Science and Technology 48 1,201,771
N_HKUST627/23 Investigation of emergent patterns and elastic waves in active soft solids Prof Rui Zhang / HKUST Prof Bo Li /
Tsinghua University
48 1,233,750
N_PolyU553/23 A New Paradigm for Designing and Manufacturing of 4D Printed Reconfigurable Lattice Structures for Tunable Broadband Vibration Suppression Prof Li Cheng /
Prof Han Meng / Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics 48 1,210,654
N_PolyU584/23 Mastering the Synergy Between High-voltage Cathode and Electrolyte to Build Robust Interfaces for Advanced Potassium-ion Battery Dr Biao Zhang /
Dr Dengyun Zhai / Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School, Tsinghua University 48 1,143,736
N_CityU114/23 Bio-inspired Anti-impact Compliant Capture and Attitude Takeover Control of Non-cooperative Spacecraft Prof Xingjian Jing / CityU Prof Honghua Dai / Northwestern Polytechnical University 48 1,184,400
N_CityU128/23 Study on thermal environment mechanism and energy characteristics of high performance decoupled radiant cooling system using low temperature source Prof Gongsheng Huang / CityU Prof Huijun Wu / Guangzhou University 48 1,026,480
N_HKU723/23 Theoretical and experimental study of the performance of suction bucket foundation for offshore wind turbines under complex geological and multi-hazard conditions Prof Jun Yang /
Prof Xiaoqiang Gu / Tongji University 48 1,233,750
N_HKU782/23 Investigating the Properties and Impacts of the Wind Launched From Black Hole Super-Eddington Accretion Flow Dr Lixin Dai /
Prof Feng Yuan / Shanghai Astronomical Observatory 48 1,233,750
N_HKUST607/23 Mathematical Tiling and Classification in 2D & 3D New Material Science Prof Min Yan /
Prof Erxiao Wang / Zhejiang Normal University 48 1,233,750
N_PolyU526/23 Recycling Construction Waste in Highway Embankments towards Sustainable Development of City Clusters: Geotechnical Assessment Considering Multi-physics Coupling Effects Dr Chao Zhou /
Prof Jun-hui Zhang / Changsha University of Science & Technology 48 1,233,750