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Physical Sciences Panel (Joint Research Schemes)
(as at 20 March 2018)

Member Sphere of Interest
Professor Bill Milne * Carbon nanotubes; graphene; ZnO thin films and devices; MEMS and sensors; field emission
Deputy Chairman
Professor Ralf Bundschuh* Biophysics; RNA and protein folding; sequence analysis; computational physics; polymer physics; bioinformatics; statistical physics and thermodynamics; phase transitions and critical phenomena
Professor Kwok Sum Chan Optical properties of semiconductor nanostructures; physics of optoelectronic devices; quantum transport in nanostructures; spintronics; two dimensional materials; superconductor junctions; topological insulators
Professor Raymond Hon-fu Chan Scientific computation; numerical linear algebra and image processing; numerical analysis; option pricing; stochastic process; algorithmic trading; bioinformatics; signal processing; machine learning
Professor Manish Chhowalla* 2D Materials; nanomaterials; electronic devices; energy devices
Professor Hui-hui Dai Mathematics and mechanics of solids
Professor Tai-chu Lau Reactivity of transition metal oxo; nitrido and imido complexes; photocatalytic water splitting and CO2 reduction by transition metal complexes
Professor Weiping Li Pure mathematics; algebraic geometry
Professor Nicholas Long* Synthetic inorganic and organometallic chemistry; catalysis; materials; biomedical imaging
Professor Tao Luo Partial differential equations; hyperbolic conservation laws; calculus of variations
Professor Liqun Qi Optimization; numerical analysis; tensor analysis and computation
Professor Andrey Rogach Nanomaterials; optical spectroscopy
Professor Chi-wang Shu* Numerical solutions of partial differential equations; applied mathematics; computational physics; computational fluid dynamics
Professor Jianfang Wang Nanoscience and nanotechnology
Professor Tian-cheng Zhang* Alternative energy sources/low carbon technologies; nanotechnology and its environmental applications; non-point source pollution control technologies; micro-scale environmental conditions
Professor Qiming Zhou Geography
Ms Connie Wong Assistant Secretary-General (Research)1, UGC

*Non-local Members