Physical Sciences Panel (General Research Fund and Other Funding Schemes for Individual Research)
(as at 13 November 2023)
Member Sphere of Interest
Professor Wesley Cantwell*
Interests in Composite materials, impact, lightweight aerospace structures, advanced manufacturing techniques, environmentally-friendly composites, polymers, fracture mechanics, dynamic properties of materials and smart structures
Deputy Panel Chairman
Professor Jonathan Cooper* Interests in use of micro and nanotechnology at the life-science interface, particularly in the area of advanced diagnostics and Lab-on-a-Chip
Professor Grant Allen* Interests in Atmospheric Physics, Remote Sensing, Spectroscopy, Greenhouse gases, Unmanned airborne sensors, Air quality instrumentation
Professor Mike Ashfold* Interests in Soft Matter, Colloids and Materials, Spectroscopy and Dynamics
Professor Isabelle Baraffe* Interests in Stellar hydrodynamics, Exoplanets, Planetary atmospheric dynamics
Professor Pierre Braunstein* Interests in Molecular chemistry, Transition elements, Polytopic ligands, Ligands with delocalized electronic system, Metal complexes of functional enolates, Bimetallics with Silicon ligands, Molecular clusters, Carbene complexes
Professor Philippa Browning* Interests in Theory and modelling of solar and laboratory plasmas: magnetohydrodynamic and kinetic modelling; The role of magnetic reconnection in solar coronal heating; Numerical simulation of nonlinear kink instabilities; Models of nanoflare onset in the solar corona using helicity-conserving relaxation; Particle acceleration in magnetic reconnection and the origin of high energy particles in solar flares; Modelling reconnection in merging-compression start-up in MAST spherical tokamak using Hall-MHD simulations
Professor David Carey* Interests in Graphene and Beyond Graphene: 2D Layered Materials, band gap engineering, doping and characterisation
Professor Gilles Chabrier* Interests in Dense matter physics; Compact objects (white dwarfs, neutron stars); Stellar and planetary physics; Galactic physics (mass functions; baryonic matter; microlensing); Star and planet formation
Professor Yaojun Chen* Interests in graph theory, Ramsey theory, combinatorial optimization and some cross-discipline problems between graph theory and theoretic computer science
Professor Shien-Ping Feng Interests in Heat to Electricity Conversion; Solar and Indoor Photovoltaics; Semiconductor Manufacturing
Professor Les Field* Interests in Organometallic Chemistry, NMR Spectroscopy
Professor Meng Gao Interests in Air quality and atmospheric chemistry modeling/Chemistry-climate interactions/Environmental health/Big data analytics
Professor Nicholas J. Higham* Interests in Numerical analysis, Numerical linear algebra and Numerical algorithms and software
Professor Lancelot F. James Interests in Bayesian Non-parametric Statistics, Bayesian Machine Learning, Beta-Gamma-Stable Distribution Theory, Combinatorial Stochastic Processes, Computational Finance; Financial Econometrics, Random Measures
Professor Chi Yung Jim Interests in Urban Ecology, Urban forest, Urban tree, Urban greening, Urban soil, Urban green space, Urban climate, Green roof, Green wall, Urban nature conservation, Countryside conservation
Professor Xuechen Li Interests in Chemical Biology; Glycosylation and Therapeutic Applicationsm Carbonhydrate Chemistry; Protein Chemistry
Professor Hongyu Liu Interests in Inverse Problems; Wave Imaging; Partial Differential Equations; Mathematical Materials Science; Optics and Electromagnetic Theory; Scattering Theory; Spectral Theory; Elasticity; Numerical Analysis; Scientific Computing
Professor Paul Mason* Interests in Geology, Geochemistry, Petrology, with focus on the Archean and Paleoproterozoic Earth: the evolution of early prokaryotic life and environmental conditions on the early Earth; Development of stable isotope tracers in geomicrobiology and astrobiology; Paleoarchean and Rhyacian greenstone belt geology; Origin of banded iron formations; Development of microanalytical techniques for isotopic and trace element analysis; Investigation of melt generation processes and crust-mantle interactions in subduction zones
Professor Aleksandar Mijatovic* Interests in Stability of stochastic systems; invariance principles; local time; coupling; stochastic processes on manifolds; stochastic analysis for processes with and without jumps; Levy processes; random walks; Markov chains; branching; stochastic control & optimal stopping, simulation of processes with and without jumps; weak and strong approximations; Markov chain Monte Carlo; exact simulation, risk management and price prediction; implied volatility surface; stochastic volatility models with jumps; arbitrage, calibration and parameter estimation algorithms for continuous-time models using discrete observations; option price prediction; regularisation
Professor Chung-Yu Mou* Interests in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Superconductivity, Kinetic surface roughnening
Professor Pablo Ordejón* Interests in Development of efficient methods for electronic structure calculations in large and complex systems, fundamental properties of materials at the atomistic level
Professor Didier Pribat* Interests in Nanoscience & Nanotechnologies, Crystal growth, Materials science
Professor Elizabeth A. Stone* Interests in Atmospheric chemistry, atmospheric aerosols, source apportionment
Professor Hongzhe Sun Interests in Biological Inorganic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry and Inorganic Structural Biology, Metallomics and Metalloproteomics
Professor Min Sun Interests in Physical Geology, Mineralogy, Petrology, and Geochemistry
Professor Zhouping Xin Interests in Partial differential equations, Fluid dynamics, Mathematical Physics, Nonlinear waves, Numerical analysis, Applied mathematics
Professor Vivian W.W. Yam Interests in molecular design and synthesis of novel inorganic/organometallic metal complexes
Professor Tong Yang Interests in Partial Differential Equations and Kinetic Theory
Professor Xin Yang* Interests in physical and chemical properties of atmospheric aerosol and their impacts on human health and global climate; urban air quality; instrument development on environmental analysis
Professor Zhiliang Ying* Interests in survival analysis, semiparametric models, sequential methodology, educational and psychological measurement, statistical learning
Professor Angus Hin Lap Yip Interests in Structure-property relationship study of organic and hybrid perovskite electronic devices; Device physics and photophysics of optoelectronic materials and devices; Emerging light emitting materials and devices; Printing and patterning techniques of flexible and large-area electronic devices; Design of new photovoltaic technology for building integration; Self-powered greenhouse with artificial lighting technology
Professor Jianzhen Yu Interests in Aerosol chemistry; Analytical chemistry, Atmospheric applications, Environmental analysis, Atmospheric science, Environmental analysis Environmental chemistry/instrumentation, Urban ozone formation chemistry
Professor Jianhua Zhao* Interests in Semiconductor spintronics; Semiconductor low-dimensional quantum materials
Ms Milly Ng Assistant Secretary General (Research)1, UGC

* Non-local Members