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Biology and Medicine Panel (Joint Research Schemes)
(as at 20 March 2018)

Member Sphere of Interest
Professor Zhigang He * Re-building neuronal circuits for functional restoration after brain and spinal cord injury
Deputy Chairman
Professor Kai-nan An* Orthopedic biomechanics; kinesiology of upper extremities; sports and rehabilitation medicine; and orthopedic surgery; soft tissue mechanics, including tissue regeneration and non-invasive assessment using medical imaging such as magnetic resonance elastography and ultrasound; mechanical and biochemical factors influencing soft tissue integrity, performance, and remodeling
Professor Rudolf Bauer* Pharmacognosy; natural products; Chinese herbal medicine
Professor Zhaoxiang Bian Chinese Medicine (clinical and basic); functional GI disease; IBD; colorectal cancer
Professor Sir Colin Blakemore* Neuroscience
Professor Daniel Tak Mao Chan Nephrology; immune mediated kidney disease - pathogeneris and clinical outcomes
Professor Ming-cheung Larry Chow Discovery of novel cancer drug resistance mechanism and cancer therapeutics
Professor Stephen Hawkins* Experimental marine ecology and long-team studies of the seas; experimental ecology using rocky shores as a test system; basic biology of intertidal species (taxonomy, phylogeography behaviour); long-terms studies of marine biodiversity and ecosystems in relation to climate change and other impacts, such as a fishing, pollution and coastal development
Professor Jufang He Neuroscience; mechanism of memory; memory drug
Professor William Hunter* Biomedical Research
Professor Liwen Jiang Cell and Molecular Biology in Plants
Professor Han Sung Jung Craniofacial development; bioengineered teeth; stem cell biology
Professor Tony Shu-kam Mok Molecular targeted therapy on epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR); development of biomarker for personalized medicine in lung cancer; mechanism for and management of resistance to EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor; development of novel targeted therapy (ELM-4 ALK, c-MET, IGF-1R); tumor vaccine against lung cancer (MAGE A3, MUC-1)
Professor Jun Xia Molecular and cellular basis of learning and memory; organization of synapse and regulation of synaptic transmission; molecular mechanism of protein trafficking and its implication in brain disorders and diabetes
Professor Yiji Xia Redox signaling in stress responses;plant-pathogen interactions; functional genomics and proteomics; plant reproduction
Professor Aimin Xu Metabolism and metabolic diseases; immunometabolism; discovery and characterization of new hormones and biomarkers; biotechnology; pharmaceutical development and drug discovery
Professor Michael Q. Zhang* Bioinformatics and systems biology; biophysics and complex system; genomics and epigenetics
Dr Zhongying Zhao Developmental genetics and genomics; evolutionary genetics; gene regulatory networks underlying cell fate specification; systems biology; developmental control of cell cycle
Professor Yong Ping Zheng* Biomedical engineering; biomedical imaging; biomedical ultrasound
Ms Connie Wong Assistant Secretary-General (Research)1, UGC

*Non-local Members