Humanities and Social Sciences Panel (Joint Research Schemes)
(as at 30 November 2023)
Member Sphere of Interest
Professor Gigi Luk* Bilingualism; cognitive development; lifespan development; neuroimaging
Deputy Chairman
Professor Puiwa Lei* Educational psychology; counselling and special education; educational psychology; educational measurement and statistics; psychometrics
Professor Sylvia Xiaohua Chen Psychology; social & (cross-) cultural psychology
Professor Dennis Kat-hung Cheng East Asian History; East Asian Humanities; Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism
Professor Yin-cheong Cheng Education reforms; leadership development; paradigm shift; teacher education
Professor Wing-yin Bonnie Chow* Developmental psychology, with focus on language and literacy acquisition and bilingualism
Professor Samuel K. W. Chu Game-based learning; gamification in education; 21st century skills / transversal competencies; social media in education; digital literacies; School and academic librarianship; knowledge management and intellectual capital
Professor Jacques deLisle* East Asia politics; international relations; international law
Professor Eric Fong Migration; urban; race and ethnicity; demography
Professor Gemma Yang Gao Health promotion and disease prevention
Professor Piper Gaubatz* Urban geography; China; regional development; urban environment, urban form, urban planning
Professor Steve Zhongshi Guo Political communication; news production and social impact
Professor Pasha L. Hsieh* Asian legal and comparative studies; public international law; regional and trade law
Professor Ann Katherine Isaacs* History, national, transnational and world history; higher education, higher education reform
Professor Icy Kit-bing Lee Second language teaching and learning; teacher education and professional development; second language writing; feedback in writing; language assessment literacy
Professor Wai-yee Li* Early Chinese literature and historiography
Professor Xigen Li* Media use and communication behavior on the Internet; media effects in the digital age; social influence on media content
Professor George C. S. Lin Urbanization; land management; city planning; economic geography; urban geography; regional development; China studies; Chinese urbanization; Chinese regional development
Professor Meichun Liu Functional syntax; lexical semantics; corpus linguistics; cognitive linguistics
Professor Yan-yung Edward Ng Sustainable design; green architecture; urban climate; thermal comfort; Earth architecture; daylighting; sustainable urban design and planning
Professor Winnie So Teacher education; science and environmental education; curriculum; teaching; learning and assessment
Professor CĂ©line Yunya Song Media and communication; journalism; online social networks
Professor Wilson Wai-san Tam* Environmental health; epidemiology and statistics
Professor Donggen Wang Travel behaviour and the built environment; transport geography; time geography; activity-based socio-spatial segregation; geography of wellbeing and health; housing choice and residential satisfaction; residential and housing studies; urban geography
Professor Carine Yiu Syntax; semantics; typology; Chinese linguistics (Cantonese); Chinese dialectology
Professor Xiaoling Zhang Housing and urban studies; energy and environmental studies; real estate management and economics
Ms Milly NG Assistant Secretary-General (Research)1, UGC

*Non-local Members