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Humanities and Social Sciences Panel (Joint Research Schemes)
(as at 20 March 2018)

Member Sphere of Interest
Professor C. Cindy Fan * Interests in population, labor migration, marriage migration, household strategies, regional development and policy, inequality, gender, ethnicity in North America, post-Mao China
Deputy Chairman
Professor Elisabetta Corsi* Sino-western intellectual and scientific contacts between China and Europe; early modern history; early modern visual arts; world history
Professor Xiaohua Sylvia Chen Psychology
Professor Cornelis de Bot* Linguistics; social sciences
Professor Eric Fong Migration; urban; race and ethnicity; demography
Professor Puiwa Lei* Educational psychology; measurement and statistics
Professor Xigen Li Communication and media studies
Professor George C.S. Lin Urbanization; urban & regional development; China studies
Professor Meichun Liu Functional syntax; lexical semantics; corpus linguistics; cognitive linguistics
Professor Richard Bernhart Owen Environmental studies and palaeoanthropology
Professor Winnie So Teacher education; science and environmental education
Professor Donggen Wang Travel behavior and the built environment; transport geography; time geography; activity-based socio-spatial segregation; geography of wellbeing; housing choice and residential satisfaction
Professor Christopher J Webster Urban theory; China’s informal settlements (urban villages); evolution of land-use mixes under alternative regulation regimes; the evolution of property rights in urban China; the impact of built environment morphology on the individual health; the behavioral impact of green infrastructure in London and Hong Kong
Professor Emilie Yueh-yu Yeh Film history; East Asian cinema; media industry; film and literature
Ms Connie Wong Assistant Secretary-General (Research)1, UGC

*Non-local Members