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Humanities and Social Sciences Panel (General Research Fund and Other Funding Schemes for Individual Research)
(as at 17 January 2018)

Member Sphere of Interest
Professor C Cindy Fan* Interests in population, labor migration, marriage migration, household strategies, regional development and policy, inequality, gender, ethnicity in North America, post-Mao China
Sub-Panel Chairman
Professor Paul Clark* Interests in contemporary Chinese popular culture, including film and the Cultural Revolution; Contemporary Chinese history
Professor Gigi Luk* Interests in bilingualism, cognitive development, lifespan development, neuroimaging
Professor Anita Mak* Interests in cultural diversity, international student and immigrant adjustment, adolescent problem behaviours, and stress, mental health, and resilience in education and employment
Professor Jennifer Adams* Interests in comparative and international education, poverty and education, child welfare, Chinese education and society, migration, quantitative methods, survey research methods, sociology of education
Professor Michael Berry* Interests in modern and contemporary Chinese literature, Chinese cinema, popular culture in modern China, and literary translation
Professor Jean-Pierre Cabestan Interests in Chinese politics; Chinese law and institutions; Chinese foreign and security policy; Relations across the Taiwan Strait; Taiwan politics
Professor Jinfa Cai* Interests in Mathematics Education, Educational Assessment, Teacher Education
Professor Timothy WK Chan Interests in Classical Chinese Literature
Professor Maria PS Cheng Interests in discourse analysis, Chinese painting, translation process and bilingual editing
Professor Hin Tat Cheung Interests in developmental language disorders and second language acquisition
Professor Kai-wing Chow* Interests in Chinese History, Chinese Thought, Ritual, History of Printing, History of the Book, Cultural Studies
Professor Rey Chow* Interests in literature, film, critical and cultural theory, postcolonial studies
Dr Samuel KW Chu Interests in Game-based Learning, Gamification in Education, 21st Century Skills/Transversal Competencies, Social Media in Education, Plagiarism-free Collaborative Inquiry Project-based Learning, Digital Literacies: Information, Media & Technology Literacy, School and Academic Librarianship, and Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital
Professor Alexandra G Cook Interests in History and philosophy of science, especially taxonomy, history of botany, natural history and medicine, History of ideas, History of philosophy, political and social philosophy, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the philosophes, History of science in Switzerland, Environmental history, Environmental ethics and philosophy
Professor Stephen Crain* Interests in child language acquisition, adult language processing, and neurolinguistics
Professor Lucy E Dunne* Interests in apparel design, functional clothing, fashion design, wearable technology, smart clothing, e-textiles, electronic textiles, apparel manufacturing, sizing and fit, human factors, ergonomics, human-computer interaction, design of interactive technologies and rehabilitation technologies
Professor Anne Edwards* Interests in learning in formal and informal settings, learning in the professions, inter-professional work, in the welfare professions, user engagement in and with research
Professor Harrison Fraker* Interests in passive solar, daylighting and sustainable-design research and teaching, design potential of sustainable systems and urban-design principles for transit-oriented neighborhoods
Professor Helene HL Fung Interests in psychology of aging; emotion; culture; social cognition
Professor Piper Gaubatz* Interests in urban geography, China, regional development, urban environment, urban form, urban planning
Professor David S G Goodman* Interests in China: Social Change, History, Politics
Professor Christine M Halse Interests in the sociology of intercultural relations and their effects for individuals and education; intercultural and multicultural education policy; the dynamics of students and teachers' intercultural understanding; ethnic minorities; exclusion and privilege in schools; doctoral education; ethics policy and practice. Expertise in qualitative and post-positive methods
Professor Michael J Holosko* Interests in Evaluating Health and Social Welfare Programs; Gerontology; Spirituality; Child and Family Well Being; Family Resiliency
Professor Ping-chen Hsiung Interests in Chinese History, Early modern and modern Chinese intellectual history, History of children and pediatric medicine in traditional China
Professor Jill Hunter* Interests in the law and practice relating to criminal trials, evidence and court process, police and prosecution powers and practices, especially from sociological, historical human rights and comparative perspectives
Professor Wilt L Idema* Interests in traditional Chinese vernacular literature (fiction, drama, storytelling and narrative ballads); women's literature of the late-imperial period
Professor Jiehong Jiang* Interests in contemporary art and curating
Professor Zhuo Jing-Schmidt* Interests in Language and Linguistics, emotion and cognition, historical linguistics, gender, identity
Professor Fiona Lee* Interests in social behaviors in organizational and work contexts: (1) Identity Integration (2) Power (3) Culture
Professor Maggy SY Lee Interests in transnational migration, criminology of mobility, crime and incivilities
Professor Angela KC Leung Interests in history of medicine and technology in late imperial and modern China; circulation of scientific knowledge and material culture
Professor Jeffrey Liew* Interests in emotion, motivation, and self-regulation in academic, psychosocial, and health-related outcomes from the early childhood to emerging adulthood
Professor Carlos WH Lo Interests in the areas of corporate social and environmental responsibility, law and government, environmental governance, and public sector management
Professor Joyce LC Ma Interests in family therapy research, research on multiple family groups, mental health with recent focuses on eating disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, family studies and clinical social work practice and research
Professor Ann MacPhail* Interests in teacher education; curriculum; assessment; self-study
Professor Joshua KH Mok Interests in Sociology, Political science, Public and social policy, Greater China studies
Professor Michael JE Palmer* Interests in law, sociology, social anthropology, and Chinese studies
Professor Laikwan Pang Interests in Chinese cinema, modernity, globalization, intellectual property rights, cultural policy, and creativity
Professor Franklin Perkins* Interests in Classical Chinese Philosophy, Early Modern European Philosophy, and Comparative Philosophy
Professor Mu-chou Poo Interests in Egyptology; History of the Ancient Near East; Comparative Ancient History; History and Religion of Ancient and Medieval China
Professor Lisa Rofel* Interests in urban political economy and culture, popular culture, gender and science, transnational capitalism, sexuality
Professor Ute Schoenpflug* Interests in multilingualism, first/second/third language acquisition, text processing, developmental psychology, culture and development, cultural transmission
Professor David Shum* Interests in psychology, psychological testing and assessment, neuropsychology, neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation, and cognitive neuroscience
Professor David Takeuchi* Interests in social, structural, and cultural contexts associated with different health outcomes, especially among racial and ethnic minorities; the use of health services in different communities
Professor Michael Tawa* Interests in Architectural theory, history, design and design practice; Architecture and film; Atmosphere in architecture, film and music; Architectural symbolism; Philosophy, architecture and film; Architecture and the sacred
Professor Christian Wagner Interests in information system based decision support for unstructured, wide-and-open, and problem solving tasks, virtual community informatics and knowledge management, use of information technology to support strategic planning and performance management, design and test of artifacts to support systems development
Professor Alan Walker* Interests in a wide range of sociological and social policy topics including ageing, social care, social quality and inequality. Also extensive expertise in public policy formation and knowledge exchange
Professor Roger Watson* Interests in care of older people; survey methods; questionnaire development and psycometrics; workforce issues such as stress, burnout and retention of nurses
Professor Patrick CM Wong Interests in language neuroscience, auditory neuroscience, phonetics, speech perception, language learning, speech and language disorders, audiology, cognitive psychology, music perception
Professor Tim Wright* Interests in modern Chinese economic and social history; political economy of contemporary China, with special reference to the coal mining industry
Professor Weiping Wu* Interests in urbanization and migration, urban development and policy, urban infrastructure
Professor Carine Yiu Interests in syntax, semantics, typology, Chinese linguistics (Cantonese), Chinese dialectology
Professor May Yuan* Interests in fundamental and applied GIScience by developing new GIS data models and analysis methods to address environmental, ecological, and social problems, such as wildfire risk, tornado hazard, air pollution, species distribution, trophic dynamics, infectious disease, hazardous waste transport, historical narratives, and offender monitoring, cyber GIS and spatial big data
Professor Hua Zhu* Interests in multilingual and intercultural communication and child language
Ms Connie Wong Assistant Secretary General (Research)1, UGC.

*Non-local Members