Engineering Panel (General Research Fund and Other Funding Schemes for Individual Research)
(as at 20 January 2021)
Member Sphere of Interest
Professor Jiun-shyan Chen* Interests in computational solid mechanics, multiscale materials modeling and modeling of extreme events
Deputy Panel Chairman
Professor Jon Longtin* Interests in using the unique qualities of laser light for novel measurement of the thermophysical behavior of liquid and solids
Chairman, Computer Science & Information Technology and Electrical & Electronic Engineering Sub-Panel
Professor Dapeng Oliver Wu* Interests in machine learning, natural language processing, multimedia communication, computer and communication networks and network security
Professor Pedro J. Alvarez* Interests in environmental implications and applications of nanotechnology, bioremediation, fate and transport of toxic chemicals, water footprint of biofuels, water treatment and reuse, and antibiotic resistance control
Professor Ronaldo I. Borja* Interests in theoretical and computational solid mechanics, geomechanics and geosciences
Professor Catherine Brinson* Interests in advanced material systems and developing new methods to characterize and to model material behavior
Professor Jian Cao* Interests in innovative manufacturing processes and systems, particularly in the areas of deformation-based processes and laser processes
Professor Albert Ping Chuen Chan Interests in project management and project success, construction procurement and relational contracting, public private partnerships, and construction health and safety
Professor Xiuli Chao* Interests in queueing, scheduling, financial engineering, inventory control, and supply chain management
Professor Lei Chen Interests in data-driven machine learning, crowdsourcing-based data processing, uncertain and probabilistic databases, web data management, multimedia and time series databases, privacy
Professor Nan Chen Interests in quantitative methods in finance and risk management, Monte Carlo simulation, and applied probability
Professor Yingying Chen* Interests in mobile healthcare, Internet of Things (IoT), cyber security and privacy, connected vehicles, mobile computing and sensing
Professor Yiran Chen* Interests in nonvolatile memory and storage systems, neuromorphic computing, and mobile applications
Professor Eric Ka-wai Cheng Interests in all aspects of power electronics, electric vehicles, electromagnetics, motor drives, renewable energy and energy systems
Professor Michael Kwok Keung Cheng Interests in RFIC/MMIC design, microwave power amplifier design, advanced designs of microwave circuits for multi-band and re-configurable system applications
Professor Sai-on Cheung Interests in construction dispute management and resolution, trust and organizational culture in supply chain management
Professor Yiu Ming Cheung Interests in artificial intelligence, intelligent visual computing, pattern recognition, data mining, watermarking, and optimization
Professor George T C Chiu* Interests in mechatronics, dynamic systems and control, digital imaging and printing systems, functional printing and digital fabrication, robotics, perception-based engineering, human motor control, optimal and robust control
Professor Jason Tsan-ming Choi Interests in fashion supply chain management: fast fashion, contract theory, risk analysis, sustainable operations, behavioral operations; fashion retailing and service operations: pricing, social influences, luxury fashion, branding; business analytics and information systems management
Professor Wallace C H Choy Interests in the design, physics, and mechanism of organic/inorganic optoelectronic devices; plasmonic nanostructures, nanoscale structures and the hybrid systems with organic/inorganic materials; the multi-physical (optical, electrical and thermal) properties and applications of the hybrid systems
Professor Henry S H Chung Interests in lighting technology, smart grid technologies, renewable energy conversion technologies, application of computational intelligence in power electronics
Professor Cunsheng Ding Interests in combinatorics, cryptography and coding theory
Professor Lucy E. Dunne* Interests in apparel design, functional apparel, smart clothing/wearable technology
Professor Horacio D. Espinosa* Interests in understanding the mechanical behavior of natural and synthetic nanomaterials across scales, from nano to macro, and developing micro/nano devices for materials research and personalized medicine
Professor Jintu Fan Interests in improving understanding of the interactions among the human body, clothing and environment, and on that basis, developing fibrous materials and clothing with enhanced functional performance and aesthetic appeal
Professor Gang Feng Interests in intelligent systems and control, networked control systems, multi-agent systems and control
Professor Huajian Gao* Interest in nanomechanics of engineering and biological systems, including mechanical properties and behaviors of bone, gecko, cell, protein, DNA, carbon nanotubes, thin films and nanocrystalline materials
Professor Nasr M. Ghoniem* Interests in damage and failure of materials in mechanical design; mechanics and physics of material defects (point defects, dislocations, voids and cracks); material degradation in severe environments (e.g. nuclear, fusion, rocket engines, etc.); plasma and saser processing; materials non-equilibrium, pattern formation and instability phenomena; radiation interaction with materials (neutrons, electrons, particles, laser & photons)
Dr Julio C. Guerrero* Interests in analyzing, designing, and developing mechanical systems, including those for harsh and extreme conditions, and energy and oil and gas and biomedical industries
Professor Song Guo Interests in big data, edge AI, mobile computing, blockchain and distributed systems
Professor Grace Yick Hsuan* Interests in durability of polymeric construction materials, advanced construction materials and performance of geosynthetics
Professor Jay C C Kuo* Interests in multimedia compression and communication, multimedia content analysis and computer vision
Professor William Hing Keung Lam Interests in transportation engineering, travel demand forecasting, transport network modeling and analysis, intelligent transportation systems, public transport and pedestrian studies
Professor Andrew Chi-sing Leung Interests in signal processing for communications, neural networks, machine learning, computer graphics
Professor Christopher K Y Leung Interests in construction materials, micromechanics of fiber composites, fracture mechanics, optical fiber sensors, application of composites in civil engineering
Professor Haizhou Li* Interests in automatic speech recognition, natural language processing and neuromorphic computing
Professor Qiusheng Li Interests in wind engineering, structural dynamics, structural health monitoring, structural control, structural stability, earthquake engineering, computational fluid and solid mechanics, reliability and risk assessment
Professor Wen Jung Li Interests in flexible and wearable Micro/Nano/Bio sensors, Micro/Nano sensors for healthcare, electrokinetics-based cancer/stem cell separation and identification
Professor Xiangdong Li Interests in environmental geochemistry, land contamination, phytoremediation, hazardous waste treatment, environmental impact assessment
Professor Yangmin Li Interests in robotics, mechatronics, control and automation
Professor Chee Wah Lim Interests in vibration, theory of plates and shells, nonlinear dynamics, structural dynamics, smart materials, nonlocal thoery in nanomechanics, symplectic elasticity
Professor Ching-long Lin* Interests in multiscale simulation of gas flow and particle transport in the human lungs, turbulent flow in complex geometry, fluid-structure interaction, parallel computing
Professor Yilu Liu* Interests in power systems and smart grids
Professor Yiu Wing Mai* Interests in seminal work on fracture mechanics and materials science of advanced engineering materials
Professor Muriel Medard* Interests in network coding, information theory, wireless networks, optical networking
Professor Alexandru Morega* Interests in electromagnetism, electrical and magnetic circuits, processes of heat and mass transfer, energy conversion and sources, mathematical, numerical modeling for boundary and initial condition problems; nonlinear dynamics, biomedical engineering and technology, structural optimization, construction design, modeling interdisciplinary problems
Professor Stephen T Newman* Interests in machining science, computer aided process planning, Machine tool metrology, CAD/CAM
Professor Chin Pan Interests in two-phase flow & boiling heat transfer, reactor thermal hydraulics, micro and nano scale heat transfer, and multiphase flows for energy applications
Professor George J. Pappas* Interests in control theory and in particular, hybrid systems, embedded systems, hierarchical and distributed control systems, with applications to unmanned aerial vehicles, distributed robotics, green buildings, and biomolecular networks
Professor Chi Sun Poon Interests in concrete technology, eco-friendly construction materials and waste management
Professor Edwin Y B Pun Interests in photonic materials and devices, micro- and nano-fabrication, integrated optical devices, rare earth doped glasses, polymers, lithium niobate crystals, nanophotonics and plasmonics
Professor Geoffrey Qiping Shen Interests in construction management with a special interest in sustainable construction supported by information and communication technologies
Professor Weisong Shi* Interests in big data systems, edge computing, energy-efficient computer systems, mobile and connected health
Professor Steve Waiching Sun* Interests in the mechanics and physics of geological and porous materials such as soil, rocks, concrete, and salt
Professor Hong Tang* Interests in nonlinear and quantum optics, nano-electromechanical systems, superconducting detector and circuits, quantum transducers development
Professor Dacheng Tao* Interests in artificial intelligence, including computer vision, data science, deep learning, image processing, machine learning, medical informatics, social media, and video surveillance
Professor Cho-li Wang Interests in parallel architecture, operating system, performance optimization on heterogeneous multicore systems (GPU/AI chips); high-performance software systems for Cloud Computing, and large-scale Distributed Deep Learning system
Professor Grace Guiling Wang* Interests in applied machine learning/deep learning in finance, transportation, health and other areas, blockchain, and IoT and mobile computing
Professor Jianping Wang Interests in dependable networking, cloud computing, optical networking, service oriented networking, data center networks, integration of Fiber-Wireless networks, and network coding
Professor Min Wang Interests in biomedical materials (ceramic, metals, polymers, and composites, including nano-biomaterials in various forms: dense or porous, bulk or coating, particulate or fibrous, etc.), In vitro and in vivo evaluation of biomaterials, tissue engineering, materials and systems for controlled release of drugs/biomolecules/genes, theranostics, surface engineering, composite materials, nanotechnology, 3D printing
Professor Kelvin S.K. Wong Interests in real estate economics, real estate market, including but not limited to property presales, housing price indices, land leases, property redevelopment, and securitized real estate
Professor Tien Tsin Wong Interests in computer graphics, computational manga, image-based rendering, GPU techniques, medical visualization, image compression, non-photorealistic rendering, natural imperfection modeling or weathering, natural phenomena modeling, radiosity, computer vision, digital halftoning
Professor Ning Xi Interests in robotics, manufacturing automation, micro/nano manufacturing, nano sensors and devices, and intelligent control and system
Professor Jianbin Xu Interests in near-field and nanoscopic sensing and imaging; nanotechnology for electronics/photonics; thin film technology; physics and technology of organic semiconductor devices; oxide based electronic and photonic materials and devices; solar energy technology; graphene electronics/optoelectronoics
Professor Jianliang Xu Interests in big data management, blockchain, mobile computing, data security and privacy
Professor Yuanyuan Yang* Interests in cloud computing, data center networking, edge computing, wireless and mobile networks, and parallel and distributed computing and systems
Professor Anthony Gar-on Yeh Interest in land use planning; urban renewal; new towns; Geographic Information Systems; transport and big data; smart cities; urban planning and development in Hong Kong and China, and S.E. Asia
Professor Patrick Yue Interests in wireless and high-speed optical communication integrated circuit design, RF and millimeter-wave CMOS transistor and passive component modeling, and energy-efficient wireless interface circuits for bio-sensors
Professor John Lei Zhang Interests in image and video processing, computer vision, pattern recognition and Biometrics
Professor Ming Zhang Interests in biomechanics of musculoskeletal system and body support, computational Biomechanics, prosthetics and orthotics bioengineering, foot biomechanics and footwear design, skin and soft tissue mechanics, skin friction, human motion analysis, biomechanics of biological tissues and biomaterials, bone and joint biomechanics, implant design
Professor Nevin Zhang Interests in artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, probabilistic graphical models, model-based clustering, reasoning and decision under uncertainty
Ms Connie Wong Assistant Secretary General (Research)1, UGC

* Non-local Members