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Engineering Panel (General Research Fund and Other Funding Schemes for Individual Research)
(as at 22 November 2017)

Member Sphere of Interest
Professor Jiun-shyan Chen* Interests in computational solid mechanics and multiscale materials modeling
Chairman, Computer Science & Information Technology and Electrical & Electronic Engineering Sub-Panel
Professor Dapeng Oliver Wu* Interests in networking, communications, signal processing, computer vision, machine learning, smart grid, and information and network security
Professor Yuri Bazilevs* Interests in Computational Mechanics; Geometrically Exact Methods in Mechanics; Fluid-Structure Interaction; Turbulent Flows; Thin Structures
Professor Ronaldo I. Borja* Interests in geotechnical engineering, geomechanics, computational mechanics, solid mechanics, geosciences
Professor Xiaoqiang Cai Interests in operations management, logistics management, supply chain management, project management, healthcare service management, scheduling & applications, fuzzy decision making, cooperative/noncooperative games and applications, portfolio optimization, investment science
Professor Gregory P. Carman* Interests in Nanoscale Multiferroic materials, piezoelectric materials, magnetostrictive materials, thin film shape memory alloys, fiber optic sensors
Professor Albert Ping Chuen Chan Interests in Construction Engineering and Management, Construction Health and Safety, Construction Procurement
Professor Keith C C Chan Interests in fuzzy logic, evolutionary computation, data mining, machine learning, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, software engineering
Professor Chang Wen Chen* Interests in cloud mobile media, social mobile media, crowd-sourcing and cloud media security; Mobile virtual reality, mobile image registrations, mobile media retrieval and adaptation; Reliable and secure multimedia streaming over P2P, wireless and ad hoc networks; 3D video coding and transmission, 3D video analysis, tele-immersive communications
Professor Lei Chen Interests in Data-Driven Machine Learning, Crowdsourcing-based Data Processing, Uncertain and Probabilistic databases, Web data management, Multimedia and Time series databases, Privacy
Professor Eric Ka-wai Cheng Interests in Power Electronics, Electric vehicle, Energy storage, Electrical machine
Professor Michael Kwok Keung Cheng Interests in Microwave circuit design; High efficiency microwave power amplifiers; Linearization techniques for RF transsmitters
Professor Sai-on Cheung Interests in Construction Dispute management and resolution. Trust and Organizational culture in supply chain management
Professor George T C Chiu* Interests in Mechatronics; Dynamic Systems and Control; Digital Imaging and Printing Systems; Functional Printing and Digital Fabrication; Robotics; Perception-based Engineering; Human Motor Control; Optimal and Robust Control
Professor Ken P Chong* Interests in solid mechanics, experimental methods in mechanics, computational mechanics, structural mechanics, structural dynamics, intelligent structures and smart materials. Strategic planning, education, and research management
Professor Wallace C H Choy Interests in the design, physics, and mechanism of organic/inorganic optoelectronic devices; plasmonic nanostructures, nanoscale structures and the hybrid systems with organic/inorganic materials; the multi-physical (optical, electrical and thermal) properties and applications of the hybrid systems
Professor Henry S H Chung Interests in Lighting technology, Smart grid technologies, Renewable energy conversion technologies, Application of computational intelligence in power electronics
Professor Cunsheng Ding Interests in cryptography, information security, coding theory, information theory, theoretical computer science
Professor Gang Feng Interests in Intelligent systems and control, Hybrid systems and control, Networked control systems, Multi-agent systems and control
Professor Song Guo Interests in Cloud Computing, Big Data, Social Network, Wireless Communications and Networking, and Cyber-Physical Systems
Professor Chennupati Jagadish* Interests in Lasers, Photodetectors, Solar Cells, Photonics Integrated Circuits, Plasmonics, Metamaterials, THz photonics
Professor Jay C C Kuo* Interests in multimedia data compression, communication and networking, big visual data analytics, and information forensics and security
Professor Kenneth K M Lam Interests in human face recognition, image and video processing, computer vision
Professor Andrew Chi-Sing Leung Interests in machine learning, neural networks, computer graphics
Professor Christopher K Y Leung Interests in construction materials, micromechanics of fiber composites, fracture mechanics, optical fiber sensors, application of composites in civil engineering
Professor Duan Li Interests in nonconvex and nonseparatable optimization and control problems, decision analysis and risk management, financial engineering
Professor Haizhou Li* Interests in automatic speech recognition, natural language processing and information retrieval
Professor Ninghui Li* Interests in security and privacy
Professor Ping Li Interests in wireless communications, coding theory, information theory
Professor Qiusheng Li Interests in wind engineering, structural dynamics, structural health monitoring, structural control, structural stability, earthquake engineering, computational fluid and solid mechanics, reliability and risk assessment
Professor Wen Jung Li Interests in Micro/Nano/Bio Sensors, MEMS/Nano-based Biotechnology, Electrokinetics-based Cancer/Stem Cell Separation and Identification
Professor Xiao-yan Li

Interests in environmental engineering - water supply and water pollution control:
(1) Solids-liquid separation: particle coagulation, sedimentation and filtration;
(2) Sediment-water-pollutant interactions: adsorption and transport, sediment flux;
(3) Advanced oxidation technologies (AOT) in water and wastewater treatment;
(4) Membrane filtration in water and wastewater treatment

Professor Chee Wah Lim Interests in vibration, theory of plates and shells, nonlinear dynamics, structural dynamics, smart materials, nonlocal thoery in nanomechanics, symplectic elasticity
Professor Yun-hui Liu Interests in robotics and automation including control of robotic systems, multi-fingered grasping, robot design, sensors, medical robots, service robots, Internet robotics, virtual reality, and machine intelligence
Professor Hong K. Lo, J.P. Interests in evaluation and deployment analysis of Intelligent Transportation System, dynamic traffic assignment and dynamic traffic controlm, public transport services planning under regulation and competition, reliability analysis of transport network design and traffic control, develop approaches for improving transportation system management: signal control, systems architecture, transportation management centers, route guidance, congestion pricing, etc
Professor Irene M C Lo

Interests in site decontamination using physical, chemical and biological treatment processes for in-situ and ex-situ soil and groundwater remediation; solidification/stabilization of contaminated marine mud/sediment/soils for beneficial reuse; nitrate-induced bioremediation and co-substrate enhanced biostimulation of sediment for odor suppression and organic biodegradation; chemical reduction of chlorinated hydrocarbons and reducible inorganic compounds by zero-valent iron or permeable reactive barriers; chemical-enhanced enhanced soil and sediment washing; mesoporous adsorbents and nanomaterials for water and industrial wastewater treatment; solid and hazardous waste treatment; incineration process; landfill system; waste recovery/reuse; carbon management and audit of a process or product; and life cycle assessment of construction materials

Professor Jon Longtin*

Interests in heat transfer, thermodynamics, building energy, thermosyphons and heat transfer, energy storage, laser processing, sensors, evaporative cooling, thermoelectric devices, BACNet

Professor Sylvie Lorente* Interests in heat and mass transfer; fluid flows; buildings construction
Professor Howard Cam Luong Interests in RF Integrated Circuits and Systems for Wireless Communication, UHF RFID Readers and Passive Tags, CMOS mm-Wave and Sub-THz Transceivers and Building Blocks, Ultra-Low-Power Transceivers for Biomedical and Implantable Applications
Professor Yiu Wing Mai* Interests in fracture mechanics and materials science of advanced engineering materials, polymer nanocomposites
Professor Alexandru Morega* Interests in electromagnetism, heat and mass transfer, field-substance interactions, energy conversion and sources, structural optimizations, multiphysics modeling
Professor Anil Netravali* Interests in Smart Textiles, Green materials, Green Composites, Advanced Composites
Professor Charles Wang Wai Ng Interests in Geotechnical Engineering (slope, tunnel, pile, deep excavation, landfill, embankment etc) and unsaturated soil mechanics, physical (centrifuge) and numerical modeling, field monitoring, laboratory testing
Professor Thomas Shiu Tong Ng Interests in construction management and economics, sustainable construction, construction information technology, construction forecasting, project delivery and performance
Professor Thomas J Overbye* Interest in Electric Power Systems
Professor Stella W Pang Interests in Nanofabrication Technology, Nanoimprint, Biomedical, Microelectronic, Optical, and Microelectromechanical Devices, Sensors & Microsystems
Professor Jian Pei* Interests in data mining, data science, data engineering, database systems, business intelligence, healthcare informatics
Professor Chi Sun Poon Interests in Low-Waste Building Technologies and Practices, Recycling of Waste Materials, Sustainable Construction
Professor Edwin Y B Pun Interests in Glass materials and devices, Polymer materials and devices, Lithium niobate materials and devices, Plasmonics/Nanophotonics, Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) - based biopolymer materials and devices, Biophotonics
Professor Long Quan Interests in 3D reconstruction, structure from motion, and image-based modeling
Professor Geoffrey Qiping Shen Interests in Construction Project Management, Collaborative Working in Construction, Value Management and Partnering, Construction Information Technology, Sustainable Development and Construction
Professor Hong Tang* Interests in nano-electromechanical systems (NEMS), classical and quantum optomechanics, integrated quantum optics, microfluidics embedded nanosensor development
Professor Norman Chihnan Tien Interests in Microsystems, MEMS, Sensors, microfabrication
Professor Fugee Tsung Interests in Quality Engineering and Management for both Manufacturing and Service Industries; Statistical Process Control (SPC), Monitoring, Diagnosis
Professor Cho-li Wang Interests in System softwares for supporting Manycore/GPU, Cloud and Big Data computing
Professor Liqiu Wang Interests in Heat transfer; Fluid mechanics; Thermodynamics; Micro-/nano-scale transport phenomena; Multi-scale transport phenomena; Nonlinear transport phenomena; Bio-transport phenomena; Interfacial transport phenomena; Entropy and exergy; Microfluidics; Nanoparticles and nanofluids; Flow bifurcation and stability; Turbulence; Numerical simulation and nonlinear computation; Transport in porous media; Encapsulation and controlled release
Professor Min Wang Interests in Biomedical materials (including nano-biomaterials); In vitro and in vivo evaluation of biomaterials; Tissue engineering; Materials and systems for controlled release of drugs / biomolecules / genes; Theranostics; Surface engineering; Composite materials; Engineering ceramics
Professor Tien Tsin Wong Interests in Computer Graphics, Computational Manga, Computational Perception, Vision, Human Computer Interface, Multimedia Technologies, Rendering
Professor Ning Xi Interests in robotics and automation, micro/nano manufacturing, sensor design and application, control theory and applications, system biology
Professor Jianliang Xu Interests in Data Management, Mobile/Pervasive Computing, Data Security and Privacy, Distributed and Networked Systems
Professor Patrick Yue Interests in high-speed optical and millimeter-wave communication SoC design, visible light communication SoC design and application software, CMOS optical and mm-wave device and passive modeling, and energy-efficient interface circuits for miniature photonic sensors
Professor Richard Kwok Kit Yuen Interests in Building Services Engineering, Fire Engineering, HVACR, Computational Fluid Dynamics
Professor Pong Chi Yuen Interests in Video surveillance, Face recognition and Biometric template protection
Professor Ming Zhang Interests in biomechanics, computational modeling and simulation; prosthetics and orthotics bioengineering; foot biomechanics and footwear design; skin and soft tissue mechanics, skin friction, gait analysis, biomechanics of biological tissues and biomaterials; bone biomechanics, osteoporosis
Professor Nevin Zhang Interests in Latent Tree Models, Multidimensional Clustering, Hierarchical Topic Detection, Deep Probabilistic Models, Patient Clustering and Classification for Traditional Chinese Medicine. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Model-Based Clustering, Probabilistic Graphical Models, Reasoning and Decision under Uncertainty
Professor Tongyi Zhang* Interests in Mechanical properties of materials, Micro/nanomechanics, Surface stress of solids, Fracture of piezoelectric materials, Thin films, Microbridge tests, Thermodynamics and kinetics of materials
Professor Xiaodong Zhang* Interests in data management in computer and scalable systems
Professor Song-chun Zhu* Interests in Computer Vision, Statistical Modeling and Computing, Machine Learning, Cognition and AI, Robot Autonomy, and Visual Arts
Professor Moshe Zukerman Interests in optical network design; performance evaluation of networks and systems; network survivability; congestion control
Ms Connie Wong Assistant Secretary General (Research)1, UGC

* Non-local Members