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Business Studies Panel (General Research Fund and Other Funding Schemes for Individual Research)
(as at 2 February 2018)

Member Sphere of Interest
Professor Raymond Kan* Interests in Portfolio Theory; Empirical Asset Pricing; Computational Statistics
Members (Business Studies)
Professor Ki-Joon Back* Interests in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing, Brand Studies (brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, brand personality), Customer Experience (customer engagement, customer citizenship behavior), gaming management
Professor Fernando Bernstein* Interests in supply chain management, revenue management; inventory management; retail operations
Professor Utpal Bhattacharya Interests in Corporate Finance, Market Microstructure, Behavioral Finance, Investments
Professor Yongmin Chen* Interests in vertical contracting, price theory, innovation and intellectual property, antitrust, consumer search, and organization of international trade
Professor Yuxin Chen* Interests in Data-driven Marketing, Internet Marketing, Competitive Strategies, Retailing, Pricing, Advertising, Structural Empirical Models, Bayesian Econometric Methods, Behavioral Economics, Marketing in Emerging Markets
Professor Agnes CS Cheng Interests in Value-Relevance, Mispricing, Cash Flows and Accruals; Tax Avoidance, Auditing
Professor Yin-Wong Cheung Interests in international finance, exchange rate dynamics, Asian economies, applied econometrics
Professor Daniel A. Cohen* Interests in Accounting
Professor Sudipto Dasgupta Interests in Corporate finance; Auction theory; Industrial organization; Game theory
Professor Andrew Delios* Interests in international business, international strategy, emerging market strategy, institutional analysis
Professor Anindya Ghose* Interests in Digital Marketing, Mobile, Internet commerce, Social Media, Crowdfunding
Professor David A Griffith* Interests in interorganizational governance, channel management, relationship marketing, marketing strategy, international marketing strategy, standardization/adaptation
Professor Zhaoyang Gu Interests in Financial and managerial Accounting, Auditing, Corporate Finance
Professor J J Po-An Hsieh* Interests in IT Usage Behaviors, Adoption and Diffusion of IT, Business and Societal Impacts of IT, Customer Relationship Management Systems, Knowledge Management, Cross-Cultural IS Research, IT Governance, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Digital Innovation
Professor Haitao Li* Interests in Theoretical and Empirical Asset Pricing, Financial Derivatives, Fixed Income Markets, Hedge Funds, Financial Econometrics
Professor Hui Liao* Interests in Leadership, human resource management, creativity, cross-cultural management
Professor Anna S Mattila* Interests in services marketing, consumer behavior
Professor Suraj Srinivasan* Interests in the behavior and consequences of actions of various players and institutions in the corporate governance arena to provide evidence on and solutions to current challenges facing business and capital markets
Professor Zhigang Tao Interests in China business and economics, and economics of organizations and strategy
Professor James Thong Interests in Technology adoption and implementation; mobile commerce; electronic government; human-computer interaction; website design; information privacy; software piracy; survey research; lab experiments
Professor Eric Van Wincoop* Interests in international macroeconomics
Dr M.H. Franco Wong*

Interests in the production and dissemination of accounting information and the use of accounting information for valuation and contracting purposes. He has examined financial reporting issues about derivatives financial instruments, internet companies, employee stock options, share repurchases, earnings management, real investment effects of accounting, and equity research analysts

Professor Nancy Y Wong*

Interests in the influence of culture in consumption decisions, affective responses, and consumption values such as materialism; Exploring methodological issues in cross-cultural research; consumer decisions in healthcare, personal finance and sustainable consumption

Professor Andy CL Yeung
Interests in Empirical OM Research; Supply Chain Management; Quality Management; Service Operations
Professor Daphne Wing-yee Yiu Interests in corporate and international strategy, strategies in emerging markets and Asia, business groups, corporate governance and firm-stakeholder relationship, international and corporate entrepreneurship, institutons and strategy, and environmental jolts and crises
Professor Shaohui Zheng Interests in Supply Chains Management, Marketing and Operations Interface, Production Planning, Applied Probability Models
Ms Connie Wong Assistant Secretary General (Research)1, UGC

* Non-local Members