Assessment Panel for Competitive Research Funding Schemes for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector
Panel Member Sphere of Interest
Professor Julie Juan Li Marketing strategies in China, Knowledge creation and innovation in marketing channels, Social networks and interorganizational relationships in marketing channels
Professor Kalok Chan
(Subject Convenor
(Business Studies))
Dynamics of asset prices, Derivatives, Market micro-structure, International financial markets
Professor Ngai-hang Chan
(Subject Convenor
(Physical Sciences))
Time series, Risk management and statistical finance, Oceanography, Statistical inference for stochastic processes
Professor Cecilia Ka-wai Chun
(Subject Convenor
(Humanities and Social Sciences))
Second language reading, Using English as a medium of learning, English across the curriculum, Academic literacy in a second language, Pedagogical content knowledge of teachers of English and second language teacher education
Professor Wilson Weisheng Lu
(Subject Convenor
Construction management with two directions, including (i) Construction informatics (Building Information Modelling (BIM), smart construction, and big data, and blockchain); and (ii) Construction waste management (management, economics, and public policies)
Professor Chris Kong-chu Wong
(Subject Convenor
(Biology and Medicine))
Osmosensing mechanisms and osmoregulatory functions of fish gill cells, Functional characterization of human glycoprotein hormones, STC1 and STC2 in carcinogenesis, Environmental contamination and mechanistic actions of emerging chemical pollutants
Professor Helen Yue-lai Chan End-of-life care, Palliative care needs, Chronic illness and long-term care, Geriatric care, Nursing ethics
Professor Melody Man-chi Chao Negotiations and conflict management, Workforce diversity, Globalization, Goal orientation, Multicultural psychology
Professor Man-lut Chau Hong Kong literature, Modern and contemporary Chinese literature, Creative writing, Chinese language education
Professor Ji Chen Multi-scale terrestrial hydrologic processes, Climate change, Water-related natural hazards, Predictability of the hydrological variables, Interactions of the land surface and the atmosphere, Management of water resources
Professor Nancy Yifeng Chen Proactive personality and behavior, Cross-cultural management in joint ventures, Cooperative and competitive relationships, Conflict management, Constructive controversy (open-minded dialogue), Leadership and teamwork, Role of Chinese values and thoughts
Professor Louis Tsz-wan Cheng ESG and green finance, Behavioral finance, Mergers and acquisitions, IPOs
Professor Christy Mei-kwan Cheung Technology use and well-being, Electronic word of mouth, Electronic commerce and social commerce, Adaptive and maladaptive use of technology in the workplace
Professor Ming-ming Chiu Learning analytics, Group processes, Inequality, Corruption, Online sexual predators
Professor Pengfei Guo Service operations management, Queueing economics, Healthcare policy and operations management, Supply chain and inventory management
Professor Alex Jingwei He Health policy and governance, Comparative social policy, Policy innovation and entrepreneurship
Professor Daniel Sai-yin Ho Adolescent health in relation to tobacco, alcohol and obesity
Professor Kin-fai Ho Air pollution and health, Environmental epidemiology, Particle toxicology, Exposure assessment, Bioaerosol
Professor Mingxin Huang Plastic deformation behaviour of twinning induced plasticity steels for automotive applications, Eutectic Fe-Ti alloys for high temperature applications, Mechanical properties of ultrafine grained and nanostructured metals, Recrystallization Induced Plasticity (RIP) effects in ferrite and austenite, Nanoindentation induced martensitic transformation in a Fe-5Mn-0.2C, TRIP steel
Professor Minseop Kim Work-family research, Social policy for children and youth, Child welfare/protection, Program evaluation & policy analysis, Quantitative methodology
Professor Ronnel Bornasal King Understanding the factors that underpin motivation, well-being, socio-emotional learning in K-12 and higher education contexts, Positive psychology, Education interventions
Professor Alice Pik-shan Kong Diabetes and obesity in adults and the youth populations, Epidemiology and pathogenetic mechanisms, Sleep as a novel lifestyle risk factor and its interaction with diet, in mediating the development of obesity and obesity associated cardiovascular risk factors, Influencing glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes
Professor Sylvia Yuk-ching Kwok Lai Positive psychology, Mental health (suicide, anxiety, depression), Children and adolescents, Families (parent-child, marital relationship)
Professor Ching-man Lam Marriage and family, Parenting and parent education, Social work education, Migrant women and women issues, Clinical practice, Adolescence and family studies
Professor Joe Shing-yip Lee Ecology and biogeochemistry of estuarine wetlands such as mangroves and saltmarshes, Application of stable isotopes in marine environmental research, Marine ecosystem dynamics, Rehabilitation and restoration
Professor Thomas Hun-tak Lee Logical problem of language acquisition and syntactic/semantic acquisition, with special reference to Mandarin-speaking and Cantonese-speaking children, Quantifier scope in Chinese datives, Cantonese A-quantifiers, and Syntactic change in Cantonese
Professor Angela Yee-man Leung Health literacy and health promotion, Technology and aging, Chronic illness management, Dementia care
Professor Maggie Wenjie Li Machine conversion, Text summarization, Question answering, Causality mining and reasoning in NLP, Natural language understanding and generation
Professor Wu Liu Employee voice behavior, Top management teams, Leadership, Negotiation, Cross-cultural management, Conflict management
Professor Huijing Lu Evolutionary psychology, Parental investment and mating, Interpersonal perception in intimate relationship, Social cognition, Child development
Professor Will Wai-kit Ma Knowledge sharing, Knowledge creation, Information system adoption, Deep learning, Communication
Professor Phoenix Kit-han Mo Psychological aspects in disease prevention and management, Internet on health and patient empowerment, Mental health in minorities and disease populations
Professor Haihua Pan Syntax, Semantics, Formal semantics, Natural language processing
Professor Ting-kei Pong Continuous optimization, Convex relaxations, First-order methods for large-scale (convex or nonconvex) problems, Constraint qualifications for convex optimization, Statistical computation, Robust optimization, Numerical methods for large-scale optimization problems
Professor Chris Fei Shen Political communication, Public opinion, Computational social science methods, Consumer behavior, Science and health communication, Social movements
Professor Haiyan Song Tourism demand modelling and forecasting, Tourism impact assessment, Tourism satellite account, Chinese economy under transition, Wine economics
Professor Sandy Suet To Ultra-precision machining, Advanced optics manufacturing technology, Ultra-precision machining of micro/nano-structure and effect on materials
Professor Winnie Wai Tsui Ci poetry of the song dynasty, Critics of the Ci poetry of the Qing dynasty, Travel literature
Professor Thiyagarajan Vengatesen Marine science, Larval biology, Biofouling, Biomineralization, Environmental proteomics, Ocean acidification, Oyster hatchery, Oyster aquaculture
Professor Alan Tze-kin Wan Model averaging and selection, Varying-coefficient semi-parametric models, Missing and censored data, Quantile regression
Professor Lisa Chun-ying Wan Services marketing and service failure, Consumer/tourist reactions to service robots and technologies, Cross-cultural consumer behaviour, Consumer/tourist green consumption, Tourist misbehaviors, Space tourism
Professor Philips Fu-lee Wang Applied algorithm, Educational technology, Information retrieval, Machine learning
Professor Xin Wang Nanostructure control, Surface functionalization, Interface tuning for selective electrocatalysis towards key electrochemical reactions for energy, Environmental applications
Professor Eugene Yin-cheung Wong Shipping and transport logistics, Aviation and maritime operations, Supply chain decarbonisation, Operations research and optimisation, Artificial intelligence, Virtual reality, Quality management and systems, Shipping and logistics law
Professor Frances Kam-yuet Wong Health service utilization, Advanced nursing practice, Hospital readmissions, Frequent use of hospital care, Primary health care
Professor Hau-san Wong Multimedia information retrieval, Computer graphics, Pattern recognition, Bioinformatics
Professor Raymond Wai-yeung Wong Inorganic and organometallic syntheses, Materials chemistry, Organic electronics, Nanomaterials, Energy materials, Chemo- and biosensing
Professor Frank Fan Xue Building information modeling, Derivative-free optimization, City information modeling, 3D point clouds, Digital twin, Big data analytics, Machine learning, Blockchain
Professor Hongxing Yang Renewable energy applications and energy saving in buildings, Solar call materials, Solar photovoltaic integration in buildings, Wind power, Hybrid solar-wind power, Ground-coupled heat pump technologies, Indirect evaporative cooling
Professor Robin Ruowei Yang Modern Chinese, Applied linguistics, Chinese historical linguistics, Teaching Chinese as a second language, Chinese education, Chinese teacher education, History, language and culture of ethnic minorities in Northeast Asia, History of Khitan-Liao Dynasty
Professor Zhongping Yao Mass spectrometry, Molecular assembly and recognition, Protein structures, Dynamics and interactions, Food safety, Data storage, Disease biomarkers and mechanisms of biological processes
Professor Bennett Chi-kin Yim Services marketing and management, China marketing and marketing strategy, Consumer brand choice and purchase behavior modeling
Professor Wayne Weifeng Yu Corporate finance, Mergers and acquisitions, Financial accounting, Capital markets
Professor Allan Hoi-kau Yuen Technology adoption, Online learning, E-learning, Technology enhanced learning, Online education, Blended learning, Educational evaluation, eLearning in higher education, Computers in education, ICT in education
Professor Pong-chi Yuen Intelligent video surveillance, Human face recognition, Biometric security and privacy
Professor Susana Lai-mei Yuen Management accounting, Strategic management, Family businesses
Professor Lixing Zhu High-dimensional data analysis, Time series, Semiparametric and nonparametric statistics, Monte Carlo Methods, Empirical process theory, Biostatistics, Bioinformatics
Ms Winnie Lam Assistant Secretary-General (Research) 3, UGC