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Assessment Panel for Competitive Research Funding Schemes for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector

Panel Member Sphere of Interest
Professor Helen Mei-ling Meng
Multimodal Interfaces and Multi-biometric Authentication; Multilingual Media Mining / Multimedia Retrieval; Multilingual Spoken Dialog Systems; Natural Language Understanding; Speech Recognition and Generation; Intelligent agents & computer-supported collaborative work; Human-Computer Interaction
Professor Che-ting Chan
(Subject Convenor (Physical Sciences))
Application of first principles and related methods to study the electronic, structural and other physical properties of matter, surface physics, photonic band gaps, material physics
Professor Patrick Yam-keung Chau
(Subject Convenor (Business Studies))
IS/IT adoption and implementation, Information presentation and model visualization, Electronic commerce
Professor George Guo-quan Huang
(Subject Convenor (Engineering))
Product design and manufacturing, Supply chain and logistics engineering, Enterprise information management
Professor Kenneth Kuen-fung Sin
(Subject Convenor (Humanities and Social Sciences))
Teacher Education in Special Educational Needs, Assistive Technology in Special Education, Autism
Professor Mingjie Zhang
(Subject Convenor (Biology & Medicine))
Structural biology of neuronal signaling complex organization and regulation, protein complexes governing cell polarity, screening and development of small molecules with therapeutic potentials
Professor Iris Benzie Antioxidant micronutrients, oxidative stress and chronic disease; biomarker development and evaluation; DNA damage and repair and influence of lifestyle, dietary antioxidants and herbs; diet, exercise and promotion of healthy aging
Professor Hok-yin Chan Intellectual history of late imperial China, with particular emphasis on Zhang Tai Yan, Gu Jie Gang and Neo-Confucianism, May Fourth Movement
Professor Felix Tung-sun Chan Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Production Management, Distribution Coordination, Systems Modelling and Simulation, Supplier Selection, AI Optimisation
Professor Honglin Chen Molecular mechanism for cross species transmission of influenza A viruses and coronaviruses, Molecular basis for host restirction of avian influenza A virus replication, Pathogenesis of influenza A virus, Fucntion and regulation of miRNAs and lncRNAs encoded by Epstein-Barr virus
Professor Agnes Cheng-shing Cheng Value-Relevance, Mispricing, Cash Flows and Accruals; Tax Avoidance, Auditing
Professor Cecilia Cheng Social and Personality Psychology, Health Psychology, Applied Social Psychology, Cross-cultural Psychology
Professor Stephen Yiu-wai Chu Hong Kong cultural studies, Hong Kong cinema, Cantopop, Postcolonialism, Globalization, Chinese-Western comparative literature
Professor Hong Chua Environmental Protection and Management
Professor Joanne Wai-yee Chung Pain and Symptom Management, Digital Health, Infection Control, Integrative Health
Professor Lok-sang Ho, BBS Housing and Land Economics, Health Economics, Public Finance, Happiness Economics, Social Security, Macroeconomic Theory and Policy, International Finance
Professor Liqiang Huang Visual attention, Representations of visual awareness
Professor Paul Chi-kong Kwok Electronic, Computer Engineering, Student support for full time and distance learning students
Professor Timothy Chi-yui Kwok Dementia, Osteoporosis, Nutrition, Health services
Professor Joseph Tak-fai Lau HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Research, Sexual Health, Mental Health, Health Behaviours, Community Responses to Emerging Infectius Diseases
Professor Julie Juan Li Marketing Strategies in China, Knowledge Creation and Innovation in Marketing Channels, Social Networks and Interorganizational Relationships in Marketing Channels
Professor Qing Li Multimedia and Mobile Data Management, Data Warehousing and Mining, Web Services Computing, E-learning Systems and Social Media
Professor Thomas Wai-hung Lo Bio/chemical engineering principles with biotechnology and/or material science for solving problems in environment and human health, developing green, low-cost, low-energy and effective technologies for treatment and reuse of wastewater and water, developing new drugs and therapies for the treatment of cancers that maximize efficacy and minimize side effects
Professor Qin Lu, MH Natural Language Process and Computational Linguistics, Lexical Semantics, Information Extraction and Knowledge Discovery, Open Systems and Standardization
Professor Joshua Ka-ho Mok Sociology, Political science, Public and social policy, Greater China studies, Comparative development and policy studies, Comparative social policy and governance, Comparative education policy
Professor Eric Wai-ting Ngai E-Commerce, Decision Support Systems, Social Computing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Knowledge Management & Innovation, IT Governance, RFID and Energy & Environmental Informatics Research
Professor King-fai Tam The modern Chinese essay, War in film, Cantonese Stand-up Comedy
Professor Chiu-kay Tang Shi and ci poems, Couplets, Confucianism, Ancient Chinese management wisdom
Professor Man-lai Tang Exact categorical data statistical analysis, quantile regression analysis, profile likelihood method, and surveys with sensitive questions
Professor Wilson Hin-sang Tong Privatization, China Market, Asian Equity Markets, Return Anomalies
Professor Xin Wang Financial disclosure quality, Insider trading, Executive compensation, Corporate governance
Professor Ellick Kin-fai Wong Managerial decision-making, Human judgment and decision processes, Language processing, Human attention
Professor Jiang Xu State spaces and politics of scale, Intercity railway planning in China's mega-city regions, Environmental elements in China's urban planning system, Post-reform urban and regional development/governance in China, Urban planning, urban land use and spatial transformation, Pearl River Delta Studies
Ms Prudence Kit-ying Li Assistant Secretary-General (Research) 3, UGC