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Date Article
29-12-2011 Joint Research Schemes under the Research Grants Council
23-12-2011 Institutions' Preparation for the New Academic Structure
01-12-2011 Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme and Internationalization
22-09-2011 Academics Earn UGC Award for Teaching Excellence
11-08-2011 Theme-based Research of the Research Grants Council (3)
28-07-2011 Theme-based Research of the Research Grants Council (2)
21-07-2011 Theme-based Research of the Research Grants Council (1)
14-07-2011 Research informs teaching
30-06-2011 New Initiatives of Research Grants Council to Support Outstanding Academics
16-06-2011 Improving the Mechanism to Allocate Research Funding
02-06-2011 The Work of the Quality Assurance Council
07-04-2011 Triennial Academic Development Planning
24-03-2011 Extending the Matching Grant Scheme for Internationalisation to Enhance Exchange Opportunities for the Students
10-03-2011 The UGC Teaching Award
24-02-2011 Allocation of Resources to Universities for Research
13-01-2011 UGC is Pleased to Note the Community's Discussion on the Future Direction of Post-secondary Education
30-12-2010 Campus Development Work for the Implementation of "3+3+4"
16-12-2010 Bringing in the Global Talents - Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme
06-12-2010 Aspirations for the Higher Education System in Hong Kong
18-11-2010 Optimising the Use of University Places to Respond to Community Needs
04-11-2010 Promoting Knowledge Transfer for Socio-Economic Benefits
30-09-2010 The work of the Research Grants Council
16-09-2010 Excellence in teaching deserves recognition
02-09-2010 Meeting the Front-line    Listening Carefully
08-07-2010 Diversifying Funding Sources for Higher Education, 5th Matching Grant Scheme launched
24-06-2010 Partner for Excellence
10-06-2010 Assessment of teaching
27-05-2010 Teaching to Learn, Learning to Teach
13-05-2010 Launching Theme-based Research
29-04-2010 Assisting the Government in Reflecting the Development of the Higher Education system
15-04-2010 Hong Kong's Higher Education is Doing Pretty Well: Why Review?