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What is the Research Grants Council (RGC)?

  • The Research Grants Council is a non-statutory advisory council operating under the aegis of the Univeristy Grants Committee (UGC). Its terms of reference are:

    • To advise the SAR Government, through the UGC, on the needs of the institutions of higher education in Hong Kong in the field of academic research, including the identification of priority areas, in order that a research base adequate for the maintenance of academic vigour and pertinent to the needs of Hong Kong may be developed; and

    • To invite and receive, through the institutions of higher education, applications for research grants from academic staff and for the award of studentships and post-doctoral fellowships; to approve awards and other disbursements from funds made available by the SAR Government through the UGC for research; to monitor the implementation of such grants and to report at least annually to the SAR Government through the UGC.