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Who is eligible to apply for research funding from the RGC?

  • Normally, only academic staff members of the eight UGC-funded institutions whose conditions of employment meet all the following requirements are eligible for application of RGC grants as Principal Investigator (PI) -

    • they have a full-time1 appointment in the institution proper2;

    • they are in Staff Grades from "A" to "I"3 (i.e. from "Professor" to "Assistant Lecturer");

    • they are primarily engaged in and spend at least 80% of their time in degree or higher degree work at the institution proper; and

    • their salary is wholly funded4 by the institution proper.

  • Visiting staff will only be eligible if they have a full-time appointment in the institution proper, covering at least one year or the duration of the project whichever is the longer. Staff supported by external research grants are however not eligible.

  • Academic staff who are engaged in non-degree programmes which are still funded by the UGC may also apply as the PI. Eligible staff in this category must be wholly funded from the General Funds of the institution(s) concerned. This arrangement would continue until such time when the relevant programmes are no longer funded by the UGC.


1Part-time staff and staff holding honorary appointments are excluded.

2Excluding schools/ arms of continuing education and professional training and other analogous outfits.

3Polytechnic staff grades are excluded.

4Staff who are receiving income from paid appointments outside the institution proper do not satisfy this requirement.