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What are the functions of the UGC?

  • The UGC offers objective, impartial and expert advice to the Government on the funding and development of higher education in Hong Kong, and to provide assurance to the Government and the community on the standards and cost-effectiveness of the operations and activities of the UGC-funded universities. It also provides the universities with developmental and academic advice, drawing on the expertise and experience of its members, monitors the performance of the universities and promotes higher standards at a system level. The Committee has open channels to both the universities and Government, since it offers advice to, and receives advice from, both.

  • The UGC seeks to promote understanding between its funded universities, the Government and the community at large. On the one hand, the UGC safeguards academic freedom and institutional autonomy of the universities, while on the other it ensures value for money for the taxpayers. Both functions are equally important and there is a need to strike a balance.