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Professor Lik Hang TSUI

Professor Lik Hang TSUI

Recipient of 2023 UGC Teaching Award

Early Career Faculty Members

Affiliation at the time of the award
Assistant Professor, Department of Chinese and History, City University of Hong Kong

Award Citation
Professor Tsui is an outstanding educator recognised for pioneering innovative digital learning in history education. Amidst challenges of the pandemic, he overcame traditional teaching limitations through his expertise in digital humanities. He emphasises engaging with original historical texts within an integrated learning environment that fosters active understanding of historical issues and connections to students' contexts. His adept contribution to and use of advanced digital tools connects students, creating a dynamic interactive experience. Professor Tsui's student-centred teaching approach also integrates datasets and tools for mapping, timelines, text annotation and digital biographies. This challenges the cliches, rethinks analytical frameworks, and spurs data-driven debates, empowering students to reshape their understanding of history and become reflective researchers.

As an exceptional educator and academic leader, Professor Tsui's contribution to history and digital humanities education have earned him awards and impacting students beyond the university. Supported by the Education Bureau, he led colleagues to develop a glossary for teaching Chinese history to non-Chinese speaking students in Hong Kong. He is also developing resources that bolster information literacy and historical reasoning in an age of artificial intelligence (AI) by integrating generative AI technologies such as chatbots into his students' learning, preparing students to recognise the respective strengths of humans and machines.

Professor Tsui's innovative approaches cultivate understanding across communities, and empower the next generation with not only crucial historical knowledge, but also digital literacy and reasoning skills. He shows how history education should be shaped and revitalised through technology.

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