Mr David Seungwoo LEE

Mr David Seungwoo LEE

Recipient of 2020 UGC Teaching Award

Early Career Faculty Members

Affiliation at the time of the award
Principal Lecturer, Faculty of Business and Economics, The University of Hong Kong

Award Citation
Prior to university teaching, Mr David Seungwoo Lee had gained experience in law and finance. Working through the turmoil of the global financial crisis compelled him to consider how he could lead a life with greater purpose and ultimately stimulated his drive to excel as a teacher. Mr Lee's impact on students is evidenced by the fact that both current and former students often reach out to him for advice on pursuing graduate study, selecting professional opportunities, embarking on entrepreneurial ventures, and other significant life choices. Mr Lee believes that teachers should adopt an agile leader mindset to navigate the current volatile teaching environment. He adapts technology for teaching practice, which has helped him teach effectively during these extraordinary times. The massive online open course, Fintech Ethics and Risks, that he co-designed and co-taught has enrolled over 11 000 students to date. He plans to use the award grant to create a digital repository of multi-media and multi-lingual materials to enhance the teaching and learning of ethics.

Video on Teaching Philosophies