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Dr David KANG Jong-hyuk

Dr David KANG Jong-hyuk

Recipient of 2018 UGC Teaching Award

Early Career Faculty Members

Affiliation at the time of the award
Assistant Professor, Department of Literature and Cultural Studies, The Education University of Hong Kong

Award Citation
Dr Kang Jong Hyuk David is a historian and a dedicated educator who devotes himself to finding creative ways to motivate his students to learn history. He developed more than ten new history courses as he advanced novel history programmes. The learned-centred approaches and innovative teaching methods adopted in these courses not only benefited history majors, but also inspired students from other disciplines to develop a meaningful engagement with the past by using his "4-'re'" history teaching method: reconstruct, reread, reflect and research. Dr Kang plans to use the award grant to incorporate STEM-focused activities in secondary school history lessons in order to improve students' understanding of Chinese history and increase their appreciation of Chinese culture.

Video on Teaching Philosophies