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Professor Charles KWONG Yim-tze

Professor Charles KWONG Yim-tze

Recipient of 2014 UGC Teaching Award

Affiliation at the time of the award
Professor of Chinese and Translation and Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Lingnan University

Award Citation
Professor Kwong has practiced a Dao of Teaching which can be spoken, and which has endured. He can be named as a teacher-scholar of enduring success. He is a scholar, a poet, a teacher. A "spiritual master," as one of his students has described him. A man of "caring wisdom", says another, whose teaching is "moving and magnetic". As a humanist, he believes teaching in the liberal arts is not simply transmitting knowledge, but exploring values; that a humanist teacher should be a constant learner, a fellow student who never graduates. He is a deeply learned scholar of literature; a prolific author.

Professor Kwong plans to use the award grant to share his Dao of teaching and his experience with both Chinese and Western philosophies of education with teachers in the sector through talks and seminars and in two books. The first will be a series of essays entitled, Dialogues on Modern Existence, reflecting on his dialogic exchanges with students over the years, considering questions about individuality and society, culture and nature. The second will be a guide to classical Chinese poetry, from a writer's perspective, showing how classical Chinese poetry is an ancient yet living literary-cultural heritage.

Video on Teaching Philosophies