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Our Review of Higher Education is in two main sections - the Present and the Future. Between these two we have placed further specialist but very important sections spanning both : they consider quality assurance and continuing and professional education. Our final section, as is appropriate for a funding body, deals with finance. Section C - The Present Landscape - is largely numerical and factual. We defer our consideration of the purposes of higher education and the ways in which they are at present and might in the future be achieved to Section F.

Before we embark on our survey of the present landscape, however, one major tribute needs to be made. Higher Education in Hong Kong has not reached its present position by chance. We currently have a higher education system which compares well with others around the world, serving the needs of the community flexibly and competently. That system has just survived an unprecedented period of rapid expansion without major trauma or significant loss of either quality or dynamism.

The present health and vigour of our higher education has been achieved only through very hard work and much dedication over many years by staff in the institutions (both public and private), by governing bodies, by concerned (and often philanthropic) individuals, by legislators and by government officials. The citizens of Hong Kong who enjoy, or whose children enjoy, the results of their labours should be aware of the importance and personal cost of this contribution.

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