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UGC saddened by passing of Professor Edmond Ko

The Chairman of the University Grants Committee (UGC), Mr Edward Cheng, was deeply dismayed and saddened to learn of the death of Professor Edmond Ko Ing-ming.

"Professor Ko's substantial experience in quality enhancement has helped shape and consolidate the efforts of the UGC and the Quality Assurance Council (QAC) in promoting the 'teaching and learning' quality of UGC-funded institutions. This is manifested by the conduct of quality audits and the pursuit of measures to upgrade teaching and learning as advocated in the report 'Aspirations for the Higher Education System in Hong Kong' published in 2010," Mr Cheng said.

"Professor Ko was also instrumental in setting up the inaugural UGC Teaching Award in 2011. He was the Convenor of the sub-group to develop the award assessment criteria and was a member of the Selection Panel of the Award. Professor Ko himself clearly exemplified the qualities he looked for in a great teacher.

"He was passionate about and committed to providing the best education for our students, as well as preparing them for future challenges. He was a great scholar who was also capable of bringing out the best in all students. Through his dedication to his work as a renowned professor as well as his involvement in the work of the UGC, he contributed tremendously to the development and advancement of Hong Kong's higher education sector.

"Professor Ko was an accomplished educator and an excellent communicator. He possessed great experience and insight on a broad spectrum of issues and yet he was such a humble and approachable mentor to us all. His wise counsel, kindness and generosity will be missed by the past and present members of the UGC who had the privilege of working with him. We are all saddened by the loss of such a valuable friend and colleague, and would like to extend our deepest sympathy to his family."

Professor Ko was involved in the work of the UGC from 2002 when he was appointed as a UGC Member. Professor Ko made substantial contributions to the UGC in numerous ways - he was the Chairman of the Teaching Development Group and a member of the Quality Group, the Teacher Education Specialist Group, the Preparatory Committee for the Setting Up of the QAC, the Task Force on Outcome-based Approaches in Student Learning and the current QAC. Apart from advising on quality matters, Professor Ko was also a member of the Research Group and its former body, the Research Ad Hoc Group. Professor Ko also participated actively in the development of strategies for the higher education sector, and was a member of the Strategy Sub-Committee, the Higher Education Review Group and the Higher Education Review Follow-up Group of the UGC.