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Funding Results of Theme-based Research Scheme First Round

The Research Grants Council (RGC) announced today (July 13) the funding results of the first round of the Theme-based Research Scheme. Six proposals were supported for funding with a total of some $248 million (including on-costs and indirect costs).

Announcing the results, Professor Roland Chin, Chairman of the RGC, said, "The objective of the Theme-based Research Scheme is to focus some of the academic research efforts of UGC-funded institutions on themes of strategic importance to the long-term development of Hong Kong. Research will focus on themes deemed to be most beneficial to Hong Kong's strategic development and where our academia have a competitive advantage. The current themes are 'Promoting good health', 'Developing a sustainable environment' and 'Enhancing Hong Kong's strategic position as a regional and international business centre'. Under these three themes, 11 grand challenge topics have been identified for invitation of research proposals."

In the first round exercise, 89 preliminary proposals were received and 22 of them were shortlisted for submission of full proposals. Among them, 15 were invited for selection interviews. Finally, six of them were awarded for funding.

Professor Chin is grateful for the support and contribution made by various parties in this new initiative. In particular, both local and overseas experts played an important role in the selection of the grand challenge topics, and short-listing and selection of projects for funding.

"I am pleased that this new initiative has been implemented successfully. The awarded projects are truly world class. I look forward to seeing outstanding research outcomes from these projects contributing strategically and significantly to the long term development and well-being of Hong Kong," he added.

The details of the approved projects are posted on the RGC website at (http://www.ugc.edu.hk/eng/rgc/funded_research/layman/theme/themes.html).