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UGC Review Group Visits HKIEd


The Review Group on the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd)'s Development Blueprint, under the University Grants Committee (UGC), visited the HKIEd Tai Po Campus today (January 7).

The Group met with the President, Prof Anthony Cheung, the senior management team, staff, students, and alumni of the Institute. The purposes of the visit are to collect views on the on-going study on HKIEd's Development Blueprint and to provide a further opportunity for HKIEd to elucidate its plans and aspirations.

"We had a useful visit to HKIEd. We heard constructive ideas and the visit provided an opportunity for us to know more about the specific plans and aspirations of the Institute," Professor John Niland, Convenor of the Review Group, said. "The Group approach our task with an open mind. This is a serious and important matter. We are conscious of the community interest in this issue and the global trend," Professor Niland added.

In September 2007, the UGC set up the Review Group on HKIEd in response to the Government's invitation for expert advice on the Development Blueprint put forward by the Institute. Professor John Niland, an overseas Member of the UGC since 2003, is the Convenor. Mr Irving Koo, a local UGC Member since 2003, is the Deputy Convenor.

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