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First Meeting of UGC Review Group and Opening Dialogue with Representatives of HKIEd

The Review Group on the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd)'s Development Blueprint, under the University Grants Committee (UGC), held its first meeting on 9 October. The Group discussed its work plans and also met with the senior management of HKIEd, including its President-designate, Professor the Hon Anthony Cheung. The Review Group will continue to engage HKIEd during the review process.

"We had a fruitful first meeting and opening dialogue with HKIEd. We approach our task with an open mind and are conscious of the community interest in this issue. We are also conscious of the timeframe for the UGC to advise the government by end 2008," Professor John Niland, Convenor of the Review Group, said. "The Group appreciates that the outcome of its work will bear on future generations of Hong Kong teachers and students, and welcomes written comments from all interested parties which might facilitate our work," Professor Niland added.

In September 2007, the UGC set up the Review Group on HKIEd in response to the Government's invitation for expert advice on the Development Blueprint put forward by the Institute. Professor John Niland, an overseas Member of the UGC since 2003, is the Convenor. Mr Irving Koo, a local UGC Member since 2003, is the Deputy Convenor. The Group will consider the Development Blueprint in the light of the terms of reference given by the Education Bureau (Annex).

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Terms of Reference Formulated by the Government for the UGC

In the light of the community's needs and the promotion of excellence in the higher education sector, to advise :

(a) on the impact of the proposals set out in the document entitled "Development Blueprint: Becoming a University of Education" ("the Development Blueprint"), submitted by the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) to the Government on June 28, 2007, on the strategic development of the UGC sector as a whole and on teacher education provision in particular, having regard to HKIEd's existing role as a teacher education institution;

(b) on the readiness and capability of HKIEd to diversify its programme offerings and provide the new academic programmes as referred to in the Development Blueprint, and the quality assurance mechanism that may need to be put in place for such programmes, having regard to the fact that HKIEd's expertise so far has mainly been confined to teacher education programmes;

(c) on the financial implications arising from the implementation of the proposals in the Development Blueprint, whether in full or in part, and how such requirements may be funded; and

(d) on whether HKIEd should become a university of education as proposed in the Development Blueprint.