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Positive Survey Findings on Job Performance of Local Graduates

The UGC warmly welcomes the positive survey findings on the job performance of our local graduates.

The Education and Manpower Bureau commissioned a survey on opinions of employers on major aspects of performance of publicly-funded students who graduated in 2003. Some 960 companies, organisations and Government departments responded to the survey, covering about 1,600 first degree graduates and over 600 sub-degree graduates of UGC-funded institutions (this also includes sub-degree graduates of the Vocational Training Council).

The UGC is pleased to note that the overall work performance score of the publicly-funded first degree graduates of the UGC-funded institutions in this round of survey is 3.58 on a five-point scale, about mid-way between "generally meets the employers' required standard" and "sometimes exceeds the employers' required standard", which is higher than the previous survey.

As regards publicly-funded sub-degree graduates, the overall work performance score is 3.44 on a five-point scale - again higher than the last survey. We are glad to note that about 93% of the surveyed employers considered the work performance of the publicly-funded sub-degree graduates as average or above, including 11% who were very satisfied with their performance.

The survey findings provide very useful reference for the community, the Administration and the UGC about the performance of our students of the UGC-funded programmes in the workplace. The positive feedback from employers is in fact recognition of our institutions' efforts in nurturing our young people to serve the community. The UGC believes that its funded institutions will continue to spare no efforts in equipping their students to meet the challenges in the workplace.

UGC Secretariat

Tuesday, June 20, 2006