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UGC Institutional Integration Working Party met with HKUST

Prof John Niland, Convenor of the University Grants Committee (UGC)'s Institutional Integration Working Party (IIWP), met with the Senate of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and HKUST's Reference Group on Institutional Integration today (November 8) to discuss issues related to institutional integration in the university sector of Hong Kong.

Speaking after the meetings, Prof John Niland said, "I am very pleased again to have met with the Senate of HKUST, as well as the Reference Group. This is our second meeting since the formation of IIWP and we further discussed a number of issues building on our first discussion in September."

Subsequent to his visit in September this year, Prof Niland came back to Hong Kong in early November for another round of meetings with the Chinese University of Hong Kong and HKUST Reference Groups. A meeting with HKUST's Senate was also arranged by the HKUST.

"The University has been very helpful in facilitating our study and provided the IIWP with supplementary information to augment and amplify the issues raised in its Task Force report. The useful and constructive exchange of views on the issue of institutional integration including various forms of deep collaboration and strategic alliances are proving very helpful in building a strong understanding of the issues," Prof Niland said.

Prof Niland reiterated IIWP's position that it was open-minded towards the subject of institutional integration. He added that the IIWP will produce a draft report for consideration by the UGC in January 2004. It is the UGC's intention to submit the report to the Administration in February 2004.

Saturday, November 8, 2003