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University Grants Committee welcomes the 2001 Policy Address

The University Grants Committee (UGC) welcomes the Chief Executive remark on the extension of undergraduate studies in local tertiary institutions to four years in his Policy Address announced today (10 October).

Dr Alice Lam, Chairman of UGC, said today, "The Chief Executive statement is encouraging. It demonstrates the Government commitment to higher education. The extension of the normative period for undergraduate studies involves significant resources. It requires the support of the Government, the institutions and the community."

Commenting on the 10-year timeframe, Dr Lam said, "changing the academic structure of university education will definitely trigger fundamental changes to senior secondary education. I see the need for time to work out the changes and the necessary support measures."

The UGC launched a Higher Education Review in May this year. The Review covers major aspects of higher education provision in Hong Kong, including the vision and role of higher education, and the system of governance and funding. The UGC will submit the recommendations to the Government in 2002.

We have been considering the duration of undergraduate studies in the context of the Higher Education Review and recognize the merits of a 4-year normative programme. The UGC supports the Government vision and will contribute our efforts accordingly," Dr Lam said.

Wednesday, October 10, 2001