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Higher Education Review

The University Grants Committee (UGC) announced today (11 May 2001) the launching of a review on higher education in Hong Kong to be completed in a year's time.

The review is commissioned by the Education and Manpower Bureau and will cover major aspects of higher education provision, including an administrative framework for a much expanded post-secondary sector and the governance of universities.

A similar review was undertaken by the UGC in 1995 with a full report entitled "Higher Education in Hong Kong" published in 1996.

Dr Alice Lam, Chairman of UGC, said today, "The Higher Education Review will build on the 1996 report and will take into account developments in the higher education sector, including changing community aspirations, the Administration's policy intentions to gradually but significantly increase tertiary education opportunities and relevant reform proposals recommended by the Education Commission (EC)."

The Review will be led by Lord Sutherland, a senior member of the UGC and currently Vice-Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh, UK. He will be assisted by a Steering Committee, composed mainly of local UGC members who are directly involved in, or are familiar with, higher education in Hong Kong.

"Both the Administration and the UGC are very pleased to have Lord Sutherland to lead this exercise. Lord Sutherland is a respected scholar well-known in the international education community. He has extensive experience in higher education and has been a member of the UK Higher Education Funding Council for a number of years. He has also served on the UGC for seven years and has a very good understanding of the local situation" said Dr Lam.

Commenting on the upcoming Higher Education Review, Lord Sutherland said, "I am honoured to be given the responsibility. In the year to come, I shall be paying frequent visits to Hong Kong and I look forward to working closely with the Steering Committee and all interested parties on this important task."

The UGC aims to finalise the Review report in the first half of 2002.

UGC Secretariat
11 May 2001

Note to editors: Attached are Terms of Reference of the Review, Curriculum Vitae of the Lord Sutherland and membership of the Steering Committee. For enquiries, please contact Mr Jack Chan, Deputy Secretary-General, UGC, at 2524 3673.

Terms of Reference forUGC Higher Education Review 2001

To review the arrangements for the provision of higher education in Hong Kong in the light of stated government objectives for the education system as a whole, with particular emphasis on -

  1. Vision and role of higher education in Hong Kong.

  2. Overall governance and quality assurance structure for higher education in Hong Kong including the role to be played by Government, universities and the UGC.

  3. Relationships between universities and other present and potential providers of post-secondary education in Hong Kong.

  4. The interface between secondary and tertiary sectors in Hong Kong.

  5. Accountability and academic freedom, and the governance of universities.

  6. Role and support for research in the tertiary sector.

  7. Funding mechanism for higher education.

  8. Other matters that are relevant to the main purpose of the review.

Curriculum Vitae of The Lord Sutherland

Knight 1995
FBA (Fellow of the British Academy) 1992
FRSE (Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh) 1995
AcSS (Academy of Social Sciences) 2000
Position(s) held/Service(s) on Boards/Committees in the United Kingdom
Organisations / Boards / Committees Office  
King's College London Principal 1985-1990
University of London Vice-Chancellor 1990-1994
Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools   1992-1994
Government's Council for Science and Technology Member 1993-2001
University of Edinburgh Principal and Vice-Chancellor 1994-
Committee on Appeal Courts Procedure (Scotland) Chairman 1994-1996
Board of the Higher Education Funding Council for England Member 1995-
Royal Commission on Funding the Long Term Care of the Elderly Chairman 1997-1999
Committee of Higher Education Principals (Scotland) Chairman 2000-2002
Qualification and Curriculum Authority (England) Committee on Standards in A-Levels Member 2001-
House of Lords, UK's second chamber Member 2001-
Service(s) on Committees in Hong Kong
Committees Office  
Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation Member 1992-1995
University Grants Committee (UGC) Member 1995-
Teacher Education Review Sub-Committee, UGC Chairman 1997-1998
Teacher Education Sub-Committee, UGC Chairman 1998-
Author, Annex 10 of Dearing Reports (Teacher Education) on the Future of Higher Education in the UK   1997

Higher Education Review Steering Committee

Name Membership
The Lord Sutherland,FBA, FRSE Member, University Grants Committee
Dr Alice Lam, JP Chairman, University Grants Committee
Mr Peter Cheung, JP Secretary-General, University Grants Committee
Dr York Liao, JP Member, University Grants Committee
Mrs Mak Chen Wen-ning Member, University Grants Committee
Dr Steven Poon Kwok-lim, JP Member, University Grants Committee
Professor Richard Y C Wong, SBS, JP Member, University Grants Committee
Professor Kenneth Young Member, University Grants Committee
Dr Thomas K Leung, JP Chairman, Vision in Business Consulting Limited
Ms Ernestina Wong Deputy Secretary-General (2), University Grants Committee
Mr Jeff Leung Assistant Secretary-General (Quality), University Grants Committee