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Press Release - National Natural Science Foundation of China/Research Grants Council Joint Research Scheme: Funding of Projects for 2000-2001

The Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) jointly announced today (November 30) funding decisions on the 2000/2001 NSFC/rgc Joint Research Scheme.

The RGC and the NSFC have agreed a respective sum of HK$10 million and RMB five million to support 16 research projects.

These 16 research projects were selected from 148 primary applications, after detailed evaluation by peer review.

The RGC and the NSFC agreed in November 1998 to establish, initially for three years, a joint research scheme to promote research collaboration between Hong Kong and Mainland researchers in Information Technology, Life Sciences, New Materials Science, Marine and Environment Sciences, Chinese Medicine and Management Science. The project funds support research expenses, and travel and subsistence costs.

Professor Kenneth Young, Chairman of the RGC, said that in providing a means for Hong Kong and Mainland researchers to collaborate in research areas of common interest, the scheme strengthens ties between Hong Kong and the Mainland research community.

The RGC and the NSFC have also agreed on the application procedure for the coming 2001/2002 exercise. The Call Circular for the exercise would be issued by the respective funding agencies today. All primary applications from Hong Kong must be submitted through their institutions to the RGC on or before 15 January 2000.

UGC Secretariat

30 November 2000

2000-2001 NSFC/rgc Joint Research Scheme
List of Projects Supported

A. New Proposals

Project No.
Project Title
Hong Kong Partner Mainland Partner
Subject: Chinese Medicine


Molecular characterization and rational modification of huperzine A, a novel anti-alzheimer's from the traditional Chinese medicine

Dr Yifan Han

Prof Kaixian Chen


Establishment of a high-throughput drug screening and integrated research program for tradtional Chinese medicine

Prof Nancy Ip Prof Guanhua Du
Subject : Information Technology


Augmented reality system for endoscopic surgery simulation and operations

Prof Pheng Ann Heng Prof Zesheng Tang


Advanced knowledge discovery & spatial-temporal visualization for georeferenced information

Prof Hanqiu Sun Prof Qunsheng


Adaptive QoS for wireless Internet

Prof Victor On Kwok Li Prof Zhigang Cao
Subject: Life Sciences


Molecular genetic and biochemical analyses of hereditary bone tumours (osteochondromas /exostosis) in Chinese

Prof Kathryn Song Eng Cheah Dr Zhuojin Luo


Functional characterization of a Novel Kelch repeat protein

Dr Dong Yan Jin Prof Jian-gang Yuan
Subject: Marine & Environment Science


Applications and mechanisms of photochemical oxidation of persistent organic pollutants

Prof Chai Mei Yu Prof Jincai Zhao


Research on the Local Atmospheric Flow System over Complex Terrain and Its Application to the Air Pollution Problem in Hong Kong

Prof Johnny Chan Prof Jianguo Sang


Development of Fiber Optic Biosensors for Determination of Environmental Pollutants Based on Optical Detection of Oxygen

Prof Kwok Yin Wong Prof Xiao Ru Wang
Subject : Management Science


Construction and control of virtual manufacturing organizations

Dr Liming Liu Prof Shuzhi Yang


A Study of Accounting System, Internal Control, and Credit Risk Management in China's Banks

Prof Gongmeng Chen Mr Shuojian Pan
Subject: New Material Science


Synthesis of Ordered Organic Materials and Their Applications in Organic Light-emitting Diodes and Laser Devices

Prof Shuit-tong Lee Prof Jiacong Shen


Thin film synthesis and device processing of blue-light laser and LED materials by MBE and MOCVD methods

Prof David Shuk Yin Tong Prof Hui Yang


Fabrication of a novel material with large third-order optical nonlinearity in metal nanocluster-doped dielectric composite films

Dr Weijia Wen Prof Guozheng


Development of photonic band gap systems operating at optical frequencies

Prof Ping Sheng Prof Nai Ben Ming