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Press Release - Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme 1999/2000

The Research Grants Council of Hong Kong (RGC) and the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) announced on 15 March 2000 that a total of 31 research projects have been selected for funding under the Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme in the 1999/2000 exercise. The funding amounted to HK$2 million, with equal matching funds from both sides.

The Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme was first launched in 1996/1997 to promote collaborative research between researchers in Germany and Hong Kong, with return air passages, accommodation and subsistence allowance for visits to facilitate exchanges, and access to research facilities.

The total number of applications received was 41 new proposals and 9 extension projects, of which 23 and 8 of the respective categories were selected by a joint selection committee comprising Hong Kong and German academics. Projects selected included research on viral and disease pathogenesis, landscaping, material sciences, sensor technology, wastewater treatment and virtual reality.

The Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme is one of four joint research schemes operated by the RGC. The other schemes include partnership with the UK, France and the Mainland China. The joint research schemes are part of the RGC's continuing efforts to promote research and increase opportunities for exchanges amongst members of the Hong Kong and international research communities.

UGC Secretariat
16 March 2000


Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme 1999-2000

A. New Proposals

Project Title Hong Kong Partner / Institution German Partner / Institution
A Possible Role for Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (MIF) in the Pathogenesis of Hantavirus-induced Renal Syndrome in Humans Dr Hui Yao Lan / HKU Dr Michael Bacher / Philipps-University of Marburg
Optimizing sound presentation with non-individual HRTF's: quantifying the benefits of visual spatial cues Dr Richard H Y So / HKUST Prof Jens Blauert / Ruhr-Universitaet at Bochum
Novel Membranes for Wastewater Treatment by Enhanced Pervaporation and Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation
Prof Po Lock Yue / HKUST Prof Andre M Braun / Universitat Karlsruhe
Novel Polymer-encapsulated Colloids and Thin Films Prof Reinhard Renneberg / HKUST
Dr Frank Caruso / MPI of Colloids and Interfaces
Urban Green in Hong Kong : Improving the Metropolitan Environment: Provision of Public Parks Dr Koon-Kwai Wong / HKBU Prof M Domroes / Mainz University
The influence of Virtual Environments on the Design of (Digital) Architectural Expressions Dr Thomas Kvan / HKU
Prof Dirk Donath /Bauhaus-Universitat Weimar
The Virtual Operating Theatre _ Design of Advanced Tools for Computer and Robot Assisted Surgery and Tool Evaluation by Virtual Reality Solutions Prof S K Tso / CityU Dr C H Fedrowitz / University of Siegen
Microsatellite Instability in the Evolution of Cervical Neoplasm
Dr Qing-ping Sun ( HKUST ) Dr Mohammed Cherkaoui( Univ Metz- CNRS )
Investigation of slope instability in swelling soils for the South-North water diversion project in China Prof Chung Kwok-hung Tong / CUHK Dr Lahr G / Academic Hosp Munchen-Harlaching
Ion Beam Synthesis of Sillcon Carbide Prof S P Wong /CUHK Dr J KN Lindner / University of Augsburg
Biocompatible Surface Layers of Enhanced X-ray Contrast Dr Neil Mickleborough / HKUST Prof Guenter Rombach / Techn University Hamburg-Harburg
Gastric Cancer - A Study on Genetic and Bacterial Mechanisms Prof Joseph J Y Sung / CUHK Prof Peter Malfertheiner / University of Magdeburg
Linear Pyroelectric Sensor Array Dr Bernd Ploss/ PolyU Prof Kay Runge / Universitaet Freiburg
Biofilm Characterization on Mild Steel by CLSM and Microcalorimetry
Dr Ji-Dong Gu / HKU Dr Wolfgang Sand / Universitat Hamburg
Phosphorous-31 Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in the Evaluation of Progressive Brain Tumour Versus Radiation-induced Brain Injury Prof Chan Yu Leung / CUHK Dr Peter Bachert / DKFZ Heidelberg
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Endohedral Metallofullerenes
Prof N Cue / HKUST Prof W Heiland / Universitat Osnabruck
Synthesis of Terpyridine Derivatives as Building Blocks for Functional Molecular Architectures Dr Jian-Hua Yin / PolyU Dr P A Vermeer / Universitat Stuttgart
Changes in the Expression of Renin-angiotensin System in Patients with Idiopathic Dillated Cardiomyopathy Prof Po Sing Leung / CUHK Dr Gerd Wallukat / Max Delbruck Center
Multisensor Based Control of Dextrous Robots Prof Yunhui Liu / CUHK Prof Alois Knoll / University of Bielefeld
Ion Beam Synthesis of Nanoscale Materials Prof S T Lee / CityU Prof Hans Hofsass / University Gottingen
Complex Job-shop Scheduling Problems Prof T C Edwin Cheng / PolyU Prof Peter Brucker / University of Osnabrueck

B. Extension projects

Project Title Hong Kong Partner / Institution German German Partner /Institution
Sandwich-like Metal Bis (tetrapyrroles) Dr Dennis K P Ng / CUHK Dr Johann W Buchler / Darmstadt University of Technology
Parallel and Distributed Computing for Job Shop Scheduling Prof C K Wong / CUHK Prof U Geske / GMD for Information Technology
Noise Control with Non-fiberous Absorptive Materials from Germany Prof Stephen S Y Lau / HKU Prof Helmut Fuchs / Fraunhofer Institute fur Bauphysik
Atomistic Simulations of Thin Film Growth Dr Hanchen Huang / PolyU Prof Oleg Pankratov / University of Erlangen
Size and Shape Effect on the Response of Shape Memory Alloy Structures with Propagating Strain Discontinuities Considering the Coupled Displacement-Temperature Problem Dr Sun Qing-Ping / HKUST Dr Reisner Gerd / TU Munchen
Deep Excavations and Tunneling in Urban Areas _ Effective Methods to Predict and Control the Soil-structure Interaction Prof Wilson H Tang / HKUST Prof Stavros A Savidis / Technical Univ of Berlin
Handling Systems for Textiles and Clothing Production Prof M Tseng / HKUST Prof G Seliger / TU Berlin
Sequence Stratigraphy of Offshore Quaternary Sediments in Hong Kong Dr W W S Yim / HKU Prof H K Wong / University of Hamburg