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Press Release - Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme (1998/1999)

The Research Grants Council (RGC) and the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service) announced today (20 April 1999) that 33 new research proposals and 7 extension projects, totalling around HK$1 million with matching fund from the DAAD, have been awarded grants under the Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme in the 1998/1999 exercise.

The Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme was first launched in 1996/1997 to promote and encourage collaborative research between scholars in Hong Kong and Germany. The scheme provides researchers with return air passages, accommodation and subsistence allowance to enable them to visit their research partners and their research facilities, and to discuss or conduct research together. In the 1998/1999 exercise, apart from considering new proposals, applications for additional funds to enable a previously funded project to continue were also accepted and considered.

"The response to the scheme has been very encouraging and the research applications were generally of a very high quality.", Prof Ping K Ko, Chairman of the RGC, said.

A joint selection committee comprising members from both the Hong Kong and German sides selected 33 out of the 49 new research proposals and 7 out of the 16 extension projects for funding support. These include projects ranging from Chinese character recognition, computer and internet based music teaching and learning, indoor noise control, textile and clothing production, molecular studies to geometry.

Dr Christian Bode, Secretary-General of the DAAD, said, "I am extremely pleased that this programme has developed so successfully since its inception during my visit in Hong Kong in 1995. The large number of project proposals shows the increased interest of Hong Kong universities to co-operate with Germany."

The Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme is one of four joint research schemes operated by the RGC. The other three schemes are with the UK, France and Mainland China. The joint research schemes are part of the RGC's continuing efforts to develop the research culture in Hong Kong and to increase the opportunities for exchanges among members of the Hong Kong and international research communities.

UGC Secretariat
20 April 1999


Proposals Supported by
Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme 1998/99

No. Project Title Hong Kong Partner / Institution German Partner / Institution
  (A) New Proposals
1 Geometric Shape Matching and Chinese Character Recognition
Cheung, Ass. Prof. Otfried / HKUST
Alt, Helmut Prof. / FU Berlin
2 Molecular cloning of a short blue root mutant and reverse genetic analysis of P450 monoxygenases in Arabidopsis thaliana Rock, Ass. Prof. Chris / HKUST Altmann, Thomas Dr. / Golm, MPI f. mol.Pfl
3 Identifying IG-like domains in invertebrates and bacteria: A challenge forbioinformatic methods
Xue, Ass. Prof. Hannah Hong / HKUST
Bork, Peer Dr. / Max-Delbr Ctr. For Molecular Med
4 Deodorization of Indoor Air by VUV
Yue, Prof. Po Lock / HKUST
Braun, Andre Prof. / U Karlsruhe
5 Specification and Generation of Abstract XML Documents and Grammars
Wood, Prof. Derick / HKUST
Brueggemann-Klein, Anne Prof / TU Muenchen
6 Sandwich-like Metal Bis(tetrapyrroles)
Ng, Ass. Prof. Dr. Dennis K.P. / CUHK
Buchler, Johann Prof. / TU Darmstadt
7 Computer & Internet based music teaching & learning
Chi-Cheung Leung, Lawrence / HKIEd
Enders, Bernd Prof. / U Osnabruck
8 Dioxin exposure from Chinese tea
Wong, Prof. M. H. / HKBU
Fiedler, Heidelore Dr. / U Bayreuth
9 Indoor noise control with transparent and ALFA sound absorbers
Lau, Prof. Stephen S.Y. / HKU
Fuchs, Helmut Prof. / FhI f. Bauyphysik
10 Parallel and Distributed Computing for Job Shop Scheduling
Wong, Prof. C.K. / CUHK
Geske, U. Prof. / GMD FIRST
11 Study on Calcium Sparks in Smooth Muscle Cells
Huang, Ass. Prof. Yu / CUHK
Gollasch, Maik Dr. / HU Berlin
12 Sensor-Based Robot and AGV Control With Improved Robustness
Tso, Prof. S.K. / CityU
Graefe, Volker Prof. / UdBW
13 A Processor Architecture based on Literal Queue Architecturre
Chan, Dr.-Ing. Yiu Keung / CityU
Grosspietsch, Karl-Erwin Dr / GMD FIRST
14 Study of Cell Death Protein Expression in a Rat Venous Thrombosis Model
C.H. Yu, Ass.Prof. Dr. Albert / HKUST
Kempski, Oliver Prof. / U Mainz
15 Nanoscaled ferroelectric composites and rubbers
Choy, Prof. Dr. C.L. / PolyU
Krueger, J.K. Prof. / U des Saarlandes
16 Fast detection of high-molecular substances in sea and wastewater in subtropical and tropical regions based on an enzymatic hydrolysis combined with the new Arxula BOD sensor system
Renneberg, Prof. R. / HKUST
Kunze, G.Dr./ IPK Gatersleben
17 Ca2+ signaling in polarized epithelial cells
Ko, Ass. Prof. Wing-Hung / CUHK
Leipziger, Jens Dr. / U Freiburg
18 Numerical Methods for Ill-posed Problems in Computed Tomograpy
Zou, Ass. Prof.Jun / CUHK
Maass, Peter Prof. / U Potsdam
19 Active Photochemistry Control of Catalytic Hydroformylation
Yan, Ass. Prof. Yi Jing / HKUST
Manz, Jorn Prof. / FU Berlin
20 Web-Based Collaborative Product Development
Mak, Prof. K.L. / HKU
Meerkamm, H. Prof. / U Erlangen-Nurnberg
21 DLTS and PAS studies of ion co-implanted Silicon Carbide
Beling, Prof. C.D. / HKU
Moeller, W. Prof. / FZR
22 Atomistic Simulations of Thin Film Growth
Huang, Ass. Prof. Hanchen / PolyU
Pankratov, Oleg Prof. / U Erlangen-Nurnberg
23 Influence of Thermomechanical Coupling on the Response of Shape Memory Alloy Structures with Propagating Strain Discontinuities
Sun, Ass. Prof. Quingping / HKUST
Reisner, Gerd Dr. / TU Munich
24 The Frequency of Microembolic Signals in Acute Stroke Patients with Middle Cerebral Artery Stenosis
Wong, Ass. Pr.Ka Sing Lawrence / CUHK
Ringelstein, E.B. Prof. / Westfalische Wihelms-Universitat
25 Surgical outcomes, speech outcomes, and quality of life in patients undergoing partial or total glossectomy
Whitehill, Ass. Prof. Tara / HKU
Sader, Robert Dr. / TU Munich
26 Deep Excavations and Tunnelling in Urban Areas Effective Methods to Predict and Control the Soil-Structure Interaction
Tang, Prof. Wilson H. / HKUST
Savidis, Stavros A. Prof. / TU Berlin
27 Handling Systems for Textiles and Clothing Production
Tseng, Prof. M. / HKUST
Seliger, G.Prof./TU Berlin
28 Optical study of ultrathin III-V quantum wells: Application
Ge, Prof. W.K. / HKUST
Sotomayor Torres, C.M. Pro / U-GHS-Wuppertal
29 Study of cell adhesion molecules in mediating regeneration of retinal ganglion cell axons severed in the optic nerve of the adult mouse with an intravitreal peripheral nerve graft So, Prof. Dr. Kwok-Fai / HKU
Schachner, Melitta Prof. / U Hamburg
30 Tracer Diffusion in Confined Geometry
Wu, Prof. Dr. Chi / CUHK
Schmidt, Manfred Prof. / U Mainz
31 Preconditioners for ill-conditioned Toeplitz matrices
Chan, Prof. Raymond / CUHK
Steidl, Gabriele Prof. / U Mannheim
32 Sequence Stratigraphy of Offshore Quaternary Sediments in Hong Kong
Yim, Ass.Prof.Dr. W.W.-S / HKU
Wong, H.K. Prof. / U Hamburg
33 Study on the expression of LIM-domain proteins in human and animal myocardial tissues
Waye, Ass.Prof. Dr. Mary / CUHK
Zimmermann, Rene Dr. / MPI f. Exper. Kardiol
  (B) Extension Proposals
34 The Global Manufacturing Plant Distributed Simulation for Robotics. A guideline for Modern Manufacturing
Xu, Dr. W.L. / CityU
Fedrowitz, Christian H. D / U-GHS-Siegen
35 Matrix-Metalloproteinases (MMP) and their Specific Inhibitors (TIMP) in Plasma During the Course of Tuberculosis and Lung Cancer
Hui, Ass. Prof. Dr. David / CUHK
Hoheisel, Gerhard Dr. / U Leipzig
36 Toughening Recycled Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) by Functionalized Elastomers
Wu, Ass.Prof.Dr. Jingshe / HKUST
Karger-Kocsis, Jozsef Pro / U Kaiserslautern
37 Software Support for Scalable Mutiparty Interactive Multimedia Applications
Chanson, Samuel / HKUST
Koenig, Hartmut Prof. / BTU Cottbus
38 Microglial reaction pattern in normal and scid (severe cobined immunodeficient) mice
Yew, Prof. David T.W. / CUHK
Lorke, Dietrich Dr. / U Hamburg
39 Enhancement of Surface Properties of Artifical Teeth
Chu, Prof Paul K. / CityU
Moeller, Wolfhard Prof. / FZR
40 Teacher Stress, Burnout, and Self-Efficacy
Tang, Prof. Dr. Catherine / CUHK
Schwarzer, Ralf Prof. / FU Berlin