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Mission Statement of the University Grants Committee

The University Grants Committee (UGC) is the non statutory body which advises the Government of the SAR on the funding and strategic development of higher education in Hong Kong. In this role, the UGC works with Institutions, the Administration and the Community to promote excellence in the higher education sector, with a view to establishing Hong Kong as the education hub of the region and to nurturing high quality people to promote the economic and social development of Hong Kong. The UGC will : -

  1. oversee the deployment of funds for the strategic development of the higher education sector;

  2. support the continuous development of the higher education sector to achieve greater impact and recognition, and as a source of innovation and ideas for the community;

  3. give steering advice to the higher education sector from a system perspective and facilitate institutions to fulfill their distinctive roles;

  4. enhance the student experience and advance the international competitiveness in teaching, research and knowledge transfer by institutions in accordance with their agreed roles;

  5. facilitate the sustainable development of higher education to meet the demands of the changing times;

  6. encourage deep collaboration among institutions to develop an interlocking system to increase international competitiveness of the sector; and

  7. safeguard quality and promote efficiency, cost-effectiveness and accountability in the activities of institutions.

In carrying out the above activities, UGC seeks to preserve institutional autonomy and academic freedom, in the context of appropriate financial and public accountability.