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Research Group (RG)

Terms of Reference

To advise the UGC on -
  1. the strategy to promote research within the UGC sector, including advice on how funding available to the UGC can be best used to achieve its objectives in promoting research in the sector, and whether and how extra funding may be sought by the UGC-funded universities from the Government and other parties to promote research;

  2. how it should formulate a strategy in allocating publicly-funded research postgraduate places effectively among the UGC-funded universities in relation to (a) above; and

  3. the balance between teaching and research within the UGC-funded universities and of the whole sector in general;

having regard to -

  1. the need for the UGC to balance accountability to the Government and the public, the limited resources available, and academic freedom and institutional autonomy;

  2. the strategy to promote role differentiation within the UGC sector; and

  3. the need to distinguish the work of this Group from that of the Research Grants Council.