Reflective Report
  1. The new funding scheme sets the right direction that will benefit Hong Kong very much: funding research projects with academic excellence and at the same time having significant impact to the society, locally or internationally.

  2. Most of the proposals are of very high academic quality with significant demonstrable impact.

  3. Panel members are pleased to see some innovative proposals with bold ideas, carefully planned and explained. The project teams should be ambitious in research, cautious in risk management and at the same time be prepared to fail.

  4. Applicants are suggested to provide clear descriptions of the duties of the supporting staff, i.e. research assistants, senior research assistants, post-doctoral fellows and research postgraduate students, etc., when preparing the budget.

  5. It is noted that all the funded proposals have clear evidence of involvement of research end users which will increase the likelihood of achieving the identified benefit and reaching the identified beneficiaries.