Research Impact Fund 2023/24 Funding Results
Project no. Project Title Coordinating
/ Collaborating
Budget to be
funded by the
RGC* ($)
(exclusive of on-costs)
R1006-23 Enhancing energy harvesting and typhoon resilience of offshore wind turbines in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area under climate change CityU / PolyU, HKU 60 9,600,000
R1011-23 Development of Bacterial Pseudaminic Acid-based vaccine to combat infections caused by multidrug resistant bacteria PolyU / HKU 48 4,200,000
R1015-23 Integrating ChatGPT with Search Engine, Recommender System and Online Advertising to Enhance User Experience on Online Service Platforms CityU / CUHK, PolyU, LU, HKBU 42 4,900,000
R4007-23 Development of liquid biopsy assays based on exosomal small non-coding RNAs for non-invasive early detection of pancreatic cancer CUHK / CityU 60 8,000,000
R4009-23 Harmonization of Business and Commercial Laws in the Greater Bay Area: Concepts, Approaches, and Policy Options CUHK 60 4,800,000
R4024-23 Quantitative Phase Imaging Promoting Cell Biology, Biomedicine, New Materials and Beyond CUHK / CityU, HKUST, PolyU 48 5,000,000
R4034-23 Magnesium-Based Biodegradable Implants as Innovative Class III Medical Devices: From Implant Design, Biosafety, Efficacy to Clinical Translation CUHK 48 4,000,000
R5006-23 Digital twin-enabled intelligent assessment and maintenance of offshore wind turbine structures in a life-cycle context PolyU / CityU, HKUST 60 4,970,000
R5011-23 An AI-enabled Geospatial Platform for Smart Facility Management and Smart Mobility of People with Disabilities (PwDs) PolyU / HKBU 60 4,320,000
R5022-23 Durable Low-carbon Asphalt Pavement Built with Recycled Waste Polyolefin Plastics through Reactive Extrusion PolyU / HKU 48 4,060,000
R5039-23 Developing a new generation of pressure-controlled wearable soft braces to improve the efficiency and compliance in treating adolescent idiopathic scoliosis PolyU / HKU, CUHK 48 3,350,000
R6010-23 Empowering Hong Kong Finance with A Quantum Algorithm Platform HKUST / HKBU, HKU 60 6,900,000
R6011-23 Development of Solid State Lithium Batteries for Electric Vehicles HKUST 48 6,900,000
R7018-23 Application of neuromuscular organoids for the development of personalized therapy in spinal muscular atrophy HKU / CityU 36 4,000,000

* The RGC funds 70% of the project cost while university/partner(s) will match the remaining 30% of the project cost.