Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme - List of Funded Projects for 2021/22
Project No. Project Title (English) Hong Kong Principal Investigator/ University German Principal Investigator/ Institution Funding Period
Amount Awarded by RGC
(1st Year)
Amount Awarded by RGC
(2nd Year)
Live Tracking of Cellular mRNA Expression Using Spherical Nucleic Acid-based mRNA Nanoflares
Dr Xu Chen Jie / CityU Dr Schildberg Frank / University Hospital Bonn 2 44800 44800
On the Sentiment of Cryptocurrency Influencers
Dr Trimborn Simon / CityU Prof Lessmann Stefan / Humboldt-University at Berlin 1 29600 -
Microassembly of Nano-robotic Cantilevers with Superlens of Various Morphologies for Scanning Superlens Applications
Prof Li Wen Jung / CityU Dr Fatikow Sergej / University of Oldenburg 2 44700 44700
Strengthening Data Accountability in the Platform Economy - towards Greater International Convergence of Privacy Protections for Children?
Prof Witzleb Normann / CUHK Prof Dr Von Lewinski Kai / University of Passau 1 44800 -
Identification of New Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms Using Deep Learning.
Prof Ip Margaret / CUHK Prof Dr Heider Dominik / Philipps-University of Marburg 2 42900 42900
Role of Endothelin Receptor type B in Cartilage Homeostasis and Osteoarthritis Pathogenesis
Dr Wen Chunyi / PolyU Prof Cucchiarini Madry Magali / Saarland University Medical Center and Saarland University 2 44800 44800
Stormwater Runoff Filtration and Pollutants Absorption Mechanism of New-generation Biochar Modified Permeable Pavement Materials
Dr Lu Guoyang / PolyU Prof Oeser Markus / RWTH Aachen University 2 42900 42900
Thin Tasklets: Integration of a Distributed Computing Environment in the Internet of Things
Prof Cao Jiannong / PolyU Prof Edinger Janick / University of Hamburg 2 42900 42900
Investigating the Molecular Mechanisms of the Unique Dynamics and Release of GABAergic Synaptic Vesicles in GABAergic Presynaptic Terminals
Prof Park Hyokeun / HKUST Prof Haucke Volker / Freie Universität Berlin 2 44800 44800
Intranasal delivery platform of mucosal mRNA vaccine using particle engineering technique
Dr Lam Jenny Ka Wing / HKU Prof Scherließ Regina / University of Kiel 2 44800 44800
Genome Edited Porcine Expanded Potential Stem Cells for Xenotransplantation
Professor Liu Pentao / HKU Petersen Björn / Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut 2 44800 44800
Lensing anomalies and Wave Dark Matter
Dr Lim Jeremy Jin Leong / HKU Priv.-Doz. Dr Maturi Matteo / University of Heidelberg 1 44800 -
Automatic identification for conservation paleoecology and paleoclimatology: Preliminary study
Dr Yasuhara Moriaki / HKU Prof Frenzel Peter / Institut für Geowissenschaften, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena 2 45000 45000
Efficient Algorithms for Discovering Motifs on Labelled and Dynamic Graphs
Professor Cheng Chun Kong Reynold / HKU Prof Renz Matthias / Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel 1 44800 -