Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme - List of Funded Projects for 2020/21
Project No. Project Title (English) Hong Kong Principal Investigator/ University German Principal Investigator/ Institution Funding Period
Amount Awarded by RGC
(1st Year)
Amount Awarded by RGC
(2nd Year)
G-CityU101/20 Theoretical Research on Deep Learning from a Mathematical Approximation Theory Viewpoint Prof Zhou Ding Xuan / CityU Prof Buhmann Martin / University of Giessen 2 $45,000 $45,000
G-CityU102/20 Correlative Measurement of Magnetic Exchange Spring Coupling in Three Dimensions Dr Zhong Xiao Yan / CityU Prof Rafal E Dunin-Borkowski / Forschungszentrum Jülich 2 $45,000 $45,000
G-CityU104/20 Symplectic Elasticity Theory and Formulation for Geometrically Nonlinear Structures Prof Lim Chee Wah / CityU Prof Steinmann Paul / Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) 2 $29,600 $29,600
G-HKBU202/20 Integrated Intervention of Health Literacy and Physical Activity Through Self-Reliant Working Groups Facilitated by Peer Moderation Leading to Better Quality of Life for Older Adults: A Joint Research Between Hong Kong and Germany Prof Chow Bik Chu / HKBU Prof Hassel Holger / Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts 1 $44,700 -
G-CUHK401/20 Development of Novel Trifluoromethylation Methods via Ring-Opening of Donor-Acceptor Cyclopropanes Prof Tsui Chit / CUHK Prof Werz Daniel B. / Technische Universität Braunschweig 2 $44,800 $44,800
G-CUHK402/20 Hydrogel Delivery of Cefazolin to Eradicate Osteosynthesis-associated Infection and Support Osteoporotic Fracture Healing Prof Wong Ronald Man-yeung / CUHK Prof ALT Volker / University of Resenberg 2 $32,200 $32,200
G-CUHK403/20 Involvement of Myokines in the Muscle-Bone Crosstalk of Sacro-Osteoporotic Fracture Healing Prof Chow Simon Kwoon-ho / CUHK Prof Dr Lips Katrin Susanne / Justus Liebig University of Giessen 1 $28,600 -
G-PolyU501/20 Collaborative Navigation for Smart Cities Dr Hsu Li-ta / PolyU Prof Schön Steffen / University of Hannover 2 $28,600 $28,600
G-PolyU503/20 Biophysical Characterization of Breast Cancer Cells with Distinct Metastatic Tropism Dr Tan Youhua / PolyU Prof Radmacher Manfred / University of Bremen 2 $44,800 $44,800
G-PolyU506/20 Aging and Recycling Mechanisms of Sustainable Asphalt Rubber Pavements Dr Leng Zhen / PolyU Prof Wellner Frohmut / The Technische Universität Dresden 2 $44,800 $44,800
G-PolyU507/20 In Vitro Toxicological Characterisation of Ambient Air Pollution Using Air-liquid Interface Exposure Systems Prof Li Xiangdong / PolyU Prof Zimmermann Ralf / University of Rostock, Helmholtz Zentrum München 2 $44,700 $44,700
G-HKUST601/20 Database development and machine learning analysis for electromagnetic response in two-dimensional materials Prof Liu Junwei / HKUST Dr Sun Yan / Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids in Dresden 2 $29,500 $29,500
G-HKU701/20 Asymmetry in Dynamically correlated threshold Stochastic volatility model Professor Yang Hailiang / HKU Dr Teng Long / Bergische Universität Wuppertal 2 44,940 44,940
G-HKU703/20 Intercultural perspectives for understanding how people experience everyday space and place Dr Sun Guibo / HKU Dr Westerholt René / TU Dortmund University 2 45,000 45,000
G-HKU705/20 Analysis of anti-tumor activity of human γδ T cells in humanized mice Professor Tu Wenwei / HKU Professor Kabelitz Dieter / University of Kiel 2  28,700 29,400
G-HKU707/20 Kinetic Grid Mechanisms Dr Schling Eike / HKU Professor Dr -Ing Barthel Rainer / Technical University of Munich 2 18,800 18,800
G-HKU708/20 A Circular Economy Driven Construction Material Selection Model for Reconfigurable Community Resilience Buildings Professor Ng Thomas Shiu- tong / HKU Professor Dr Lang Werner / Technical University of Munich 2 29,500 29,500