PROCORE - France/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme - List of Funded Projects for 2017/18
Project No. Project Title (English) Hong Kong Principal Investigator/University French Principal Investigator/Institution Funding Period (Year) Amount Awarded
by RGC
1st Year 2nd Year
F-CityU102/17 Migrant Mobilization And Economic Opportunities: A Comparison Of Young Three Gorges Dam (TGD) Migrants' Experience In Guangdong And Shanghai
Dr Ho Wing Chung/CityU Dr Padovani Florence/Paris1 Sorbonne 2 30,600 30,600
F-CityU103/17 Triaxial Piezoelectric Magnetometers (PIEZOMAG): Towards Next Generation Integrated Multi-Degrees-of-Freedom Sensors-on-Chip For Personal Navigation
Dr Lee En-yuan Joshua/CityU Prof Blondy Pierre/CNRS No. 7252 2 45,000 45,000
F-CityU104/17 S3: A Multi-perspective Video Search Paradigm Prof Ngo Chong Wah/CityU Dr Huet Benoit/EURECOM (IMT) 2 45,000 45,000
F-CityU105/17 Mesoscopic Structural Mechanisms For Fatigue In Pb-free Piezoelectric Feramics
Dr Pramanick Abhijit/CityU Prof Laurent Daniel/CNRS No.8507 2 30,600 21,600
F-CityU108/17 Determination Of Nonlocal Constitutive Laws From Lattice Dispersion Relations
Prof Lim Chee Wah/CityU Dr Michelitsch Thomas M./Université Pierre et Marie Curie 2 30,600 30,600
F-HKBU203/17 Correlative Imaging Contrast Agents for Multi-Scale in Vivo Alzheimer’s Disease Evolution Prof Wong Ricky Man-shing/HKBU Prof Bolze Frédéric/University of Strasbourg 2 30,600 30,600
F-CUHK401/17 Navigation Technology and Changes of Trading Networks in the Seas of Asia from Sixteenth to Nineteenth Century
Prof Cheung Sui-wai/CUHK Prof Gipouloux Francois/Collège d'Etudes Mondiales 1 81,200 -
F-CUHK403/17 Investigate the Role of Satellite Cell Derived M-CSF in Regulating Macrophage Function During Skeletal Muscle Regeneration
Prof Wang Huating/CUHK Prof Chazaud Benedicte/INSERM 2 43,200 43,200
F-PolyU501/17 Optimal Relative Consumption with Reference to Past Spending Maximum and the Large Time Asymptotics
Dr Yu Xiang/PolyU Prof Pham Xuan-huyen/University Paris Diderot, Paris 7 2 30,600 30,600
F-PolyU503/17 Novel Natural-Product-Derived Antimicrobial Agent Development Targeting RNA Polymerase
Dr Ma Cong/PolyU Dr Blanchard Nicolas/CNRS No. 7509 and University of Strasbourg 2 15,300 15,300
F-PolyU508/17 The 10th International Symposium on Turbo Codes & Iterative Information Processing
Prof Lau Chung-ming Francis/PolyU Prof Jezequel Michel/Telecom Bretagne 1 - -
F-HKUST602/17 Caching Management based on Software Defined Networking for Intelligent Transportation Systems
Prof Bensaou Brahim/HKUST Prof Labiod Houda/L'Institut Mines Télécom 2 31,250 31,250
F-HKU701/17 The mechanobiology of obesity Prof Xu Aimin/HKU Dr Honore Eric/CNRS UMR 7275 2 45,000 45,000
F-HKU702/17 Metagenomics and high throughput sequencing based detection and characterization of antibiotic resistance genes in pristine and antibiotic contaminated soils for development of detection tests
Prof Zhang Tong/HKU Prof Simonet Pascal/Ecole Centrale de Lyon 2 43,200 15,300
F-HKU703/17 Enhancing the application of electrical coiling of viscous liquid jets for printing through experimental and theoretical investigation of the coiling dynamics
Dr Shum Ho Cheung/HKU Dr Ribe Neil/CNRS UMR 7608 2 45,000 45,000