PROCORE - France/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme - List of Funded Projects for 2012/13

New Grants

Project No. Project Title Hong Kong Partner/Institution French Partner/Institution Funding Period (year) Amount
by RGC (HK$)
1st Year 2nd Year
F-HK002/12T Response of East Asian Monsoon and Climate to Tropical Anomalies in a GCM with Nudging
Dr Wen Zhou/CityU Dr Laurent Zhaoxin Li/CNRS No. UMR8539 2 30,600 30,600
F-HK003/12T Novel Approaches to Thermal Actuation in High Frequency Micromechanical Resonators for Sensing and Timing Applications
Dr Joshua En-yuan Lee/CityU Dr Libor Rufer/CNRS No. 5159 2 43,200 43,200
F-HK004/12T Multiple Stressor Effect of Uranium and Gamma Ray on Zebrafish
Prof Peter K N Yu/CityU Dr Jacqueline Garnier-Laplace/Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire 2 45,000 45,000
F-HK008/12C Conference/Workshop on Potential Technologies for Zero Carbon Building Developments
Dr Tin-tai Chow/CityU Prof Christophe Ménézo/INSA of Lyon 1 150,000 -
F-HK010/12T Highly Efficient Multiphoton Absorbing Fluorophores for Biological and Biomedical Applications

Prof Ricky Man-shing Wong/HKBU Prof Frédéric Bolze/University of Strasbourg 2 14,400 14,400
F-HK015/12C Dispute Resolution and Consumer Protection in the Gambling Industry
Prof Sandra Marco Colino/CUHK Prof Fabienne Peraldi-Leneuf/University of Lille II 1 - -
F-HK016/12C Civil Society and the Transformation of Authoritarian Regimes
Prof Anthony J Spires/CUHK Prof Chloe Froissart/Rennes 2 University 1 - -
F-HK017/12T Game Theory for Network Planning under Uncertainty
Prof Chun-hung Cheng/CUHK Prof Abdel Lisser/University of Paris-Sud 2 45,000 45,000
F-HK019/12T Towards a Practical Library of Global Cost Functions in Weighted Constraint Networks
Prof Jimmy Ho-man Lee/CUHK Dr Thomas Schiex/INRA Toulouse 2 22,500 22,500
F-HK026/12T Trace Formulas and Their Applications
Dr Yuk Kam Lau/HKU Prof Emmanual Royer/Universite Blaise Pascal 2 45,000 45,000