PROCORE - France/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme 2007/2008 Supported Applications

New Grants

Project No. Project Title Hong Kong Partner/Institution French Partner/Institution Funding Period (year)
F-HK02/07T Lanthanide-based Phosphors for Mercury-free Lighting and Bio-labeling Prof Peter A Tanner/CityU Prof Jeannette Dexpert Ghys/INRIA 2
F-HK04/07T Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Water-Soluble Two-Photon Absorption Fluorophores for Bio-imaging and Sensing Dr Ricky Man-shing Wong/HKBU Prof Jean-Francois Nicoud/CNRS No. 7504 2
F-HK09/07T Bi-level Optimisation for Network Planning under Uncertainty Prof Janny May-yee Leung/CUHK Prof Abdel Lisser/University of Paris Sud 2
F-HK18/07T Mesoporous MCM-41 membrane for separation and recovery of dissolved precious metals Prof King Lun Yeung/HKUST Dr Sylvain Miachon/CNRS UMR 5256 2
F-HK21/07T Giant electrorheological fluid based-digital microfluidics Prof Yi-Kuen Lee/HKUST Prof Patrick Tabeling/CNRS No. 7083 2
F-HK23/07T Self-organization of nanoparticles and nanowires generated by confinement within surfactant bilayer films Prof Shihe Yang/HKUST Prof Jean- Jacques Benattar/CEA 2
F-HK26/07T Nanobioscience of cellulosic thecal plates in dinoflagellate alga Prof Joseph T Y Wong/HKUST Dr Jean-Luc Putaux/CNRS 5301 2
F-HK27/07T Effects of increasing CO2 concentration and seawater temperature on the biodiversity, interaction, functioning and productivity of pelagic food webs in subtropical coastal waters Prof Hongbin Liu/HKUST Prof Behzad Mostajir/CNRS No. 5119 2
F-HK28/07T Mechanistic studies on 2-Succinyl-5-Enolpyruvyl-6-Hydroxy-3-Cyclohexene-1-Carboxylate (SEPHCHC) synthase using 2-Oxoglutarate Angalogues Prof Zhihong Guo/HKUST Prof Ling Peng/CNRS No. UMR 6114 2
F-HK30/07T Development of anionic cascade reactions and other novel reactions of conjugated, acetylenic and allenic esters and thioesters. Toward the synthesis of biologically active compounds Dr Pauline Chiu/HKU Prof Michel Miesch/CNRS/ULP Strasbourg 2
F-HK31/07T Discovery of novel growth hormone-releasing hormones in vertebrates: from functions to evolution Prof Billy Kwok Chong Chow/HKU Prof Hubert Vaudry/INSERM/University of Rouen 2
F-HK34/07T Transnationalizing Charity and Philanthropy in Mainland China: A Case Study of Medecins Sans Frontieres (A French NGO) Dr Khun Eng Kuah-Pearce/HKU Prof Gilles Guiheux/University of Paris Diderot 2
F-HK36/07T Moments for automorphic L-functions Dr Yuk Kam Lau/HKU Dr Jie Wu/Universite Henri Poincare Nancy 1 2
F-HK37/07T Dissecting Hirchsprung's disease: international Hirschsprung's disease consotium Prof Paul Kwong Hang Tam/HKU Prof Stanislas Lyonnet/INSERM No. 781/University Descartes Paris 5 2
F-HK39/07T Production of greenhouse gases from sub-aerially exposed continental shelves and oceanic islands since the Middle Pleistocene climatic transition Prof Wyss Wai Shu Yim/HKU Prof L.F. Montaggioni/CNRS No. 2761/University of Provence 2
F-HK40/07T A feasibility study of human T cell epitope-based vaccines against H5N1 avian influenza virus Dr Bojian Zheng/HKU Dr Yu Chun Lone/INSERM U.542 2

Release of 2nd year funds

Project No. Project Title Hong Kong Partner/Institution French Partner/Institution
F-HK02/06T Qualitative Analysis, Bifurcation and Applications of the Generalized Lorenz System Prof Guanrong Chen/CityU Dr Guoting Chen/CNRS No. 8524
F-HK06/06T Novel Metal-Carboranyl Complexes and Their Applications in Catalysis Prof Zuowei Xie/CUHK Dr Christian Bruneau/CNRS No. UMR 6226
F-HK07/06T Vibration Control Using Smart Materials Prof Wei-hsin Liao/CUHK Prof Roger Ohayon/CNAM
F-HK14/06T Mechanisms and Abatement of the Rain-wind-induced Cable Vibration of Cable-stayed Bridges Dr Yu Zhou/PolyU Dr Olivier Flamand/Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment (CSTB)
F-HK17/06T Non-contact methods for liquid crystal alignment and anchoring strength control and their practical application Prof Vladimir Chigrinov/HKUST Dr Ivan Dozov/Nemoptic
F-HK20/06T Development of a high-frequency MEMS sensor for aero-acoustical measurements Prof Man Wong/HKUST Dr Libor Rufer/CNRS No. 5159
F-HK21/06T Regulation of PRiMA, an anchor of acetylcholinesterase (AChE), in brain and muscle Dr Karl W K Tsim/HKUST Dr Jean Massoulie/CNRS UMR 8544
F-HK22/06T Large deviations of Gaussian random fields Prof Qiman Shao/HKUST Prof Yueyun Hu/University of Paris 13
F-HK23/06T Use of an integrated biological system to investigate the calcium-regulated genes that are involved in determination and differentiation during development Dr Andrew L Miller/HKUST Dr Marc Moreau/CNRS UMR5547
F-HK27/06T The development of polymer-supported phoshites for use in nitrone reduction reactions Dr Patrick Henry Toy/HKU Dr Sandrine Py/CNRS (UMR 5616 SC) Universite Joseph Fourier
F-HK30/06T Age and significance of normal faulting in south and central Tibet Prof Jonathan Clement Aitchison/HKU Dr Nicolas Olivier Arnaud/CNRS University of Montpellier
F-HK31/06T Isoprenoid biosynthesis via the methylerythritol phosphate (MEP) pathway: proteomic analysis and identification of targets for inhibition Dr Rory Munro Watt/HKU Dr Myriam Seemann/CNRS UMR 7177 Institut de Chimie de Strasbourg
F-HK32/06T Computational algebraic geometry for industrial applications Dr Wenping Wang/HKU Dr Bernard Mourrain/INRIA Sophia Antipolis