France/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme 2003/2004 Supported Applications

New Grants

Project No. Project Title Hong Kong Partner/Institution French Partner/Institution Funding Period (year)
F-HK01/03T Approximate Solution Techniques for Scattering Problems in the High Frequency Regime Dr Ya Yan Lu/CityU Dr Xavier Antoine/CNRS 2
F-HK02/03T Corporate Governance Transparency Disclosure and Some Related Issues Dr Charles J P Chen/CityU Dr Yuan Ding/HEC School of Management 2
F-HK03/03T Morphological and physiological changes in the digestive system of fish in response to environmental stress Prof David Randall/CityU Dr Pierre Laurent/Centre d'Ecologie et de Physiologie Energetiques 1
F-HK07/03T Microsatellite Instability Profiles and their Correlation with Clinico-pathological Features in Endometrial Cancer Prof Yick Fu WONG/CUHK Dr Richard HAMELIN/INSERM No.434 2
F-HK08/03T Investigation of Nucleic Acid Binding Properties of the HPV E6 Oncogenic Protein Dr Sik Lok LAM/CUHK Dr Alain BURGER/CNRS No. UPR 9050 2
F-HK11/03T Detonation Models in Two-Phase Flows: Mathematical Analysis Prof Zhouping XIN/CUHK Prof Jean-Michael ROQUEJOFFRE/University of Toulouse III 2
F-HK12/03T Wind- and rain-induced vibrations of cables of cable-stayed bridges Dr Yu Zhou/PolyU Dr Hab Emmanuel De Langre/Ecole Polytechnique-CNRS 2
F-HK15/03T Electronic nose microsystem based on an array of gas sensors and advanced pattern recognition algorithms Dr Amine Bermak/HKUST Dr Dominique Martinez/CNRS No. 7503 2
F-HK17/03T The production and uses of biosorbents for environmental applications Prof Gordon Mckay/HKUST Prof Pierre Le Cloirec/Ecole des Mines de Nantes 2
F-HK18/03T The study of Cd(Mn)S quantum dots for spintronics Dr Jiannong Wang/HKUST Dr Gerald Bastard/CNRS No. UMR8551 2
F-HK19/03T Comparative study on the bacterial communities on the surface of the soft corals from Hong Kong waters and Mediterranean Sea, using Genescan and DGGE methods Prof Peiyuan Qian/HKUST Dr Markus Weinbauer/CNRS No. CR1 2
F-HK20/03T Films of proteins: From formation to complete structure determination Dr Ophelia K C Tsui/HKUST Dr J. J. Benattar/CEA Saclay 2
F-HK21/03T Molecular Signaling of Neuronal Death in Alzheimer's Disease Dr. Raymond Chuen Chung Chang/HKU Prof. Jacques Hugon/University of Poitiers 1
F-HK22/03T New antiparasitic molecules from microalgae Dr. Steven Feng Chen/HKU Prof. Christian Vivares/University of Blaise Pascal - Clermont II 2
F-HK25/03T Organic/inorganic nanocomposites for photovoltaic cells and organic light emitting diodes Dr. Aleksandra B. Djurisic/HKU Prof. Jean-Michel Nunzi/University of Angers 2
F-HK26/03T Mechanistic role of carotid body afferent activity in the modulation of glutamatergic transmission in the nucleus tractus solitarii of rats in chronic hypoxia Dr. Man Lung Fung/HKU Dr. Jean-Marc Pequignot/Claude Bernard University 2
F-HK27/03T Nationally Implemented Internet Firewall Technology and Policy - A Comparative Legal Analysis of its Effects on Freedom of Expression Mrs. Alana Maurushat/HKU Prof. Jean-Pierre Clavier/University of Nantes 1
F-HK28/03T Reading and computational models: A cross-language comparison Dr. Conrad Perry/HKU Dr. Johannes Ziegler/University of Provence Aix-Marseille I 2
F-HK29/03T Distribution, petrogenesis and mineralization of lava and intrusive rocks of the Emeishan Large Igneous Province in South China and Northern Vietnam Dr. Mei Fu Zhou/HKU Dr. Nicholas T. Arndt/University of Joseph Fourier Grenoble 2

Release of 2nd Year Funds

Project No. Project Title Hong Kong Partner/Institution French Partner/Institution
F-HK11/02T Integration of Group Support Systems with Hypertext Technology: Effects on Decision-Making Performance in Cross-Cultural Teams Dr Mohamed Khalifa/CityU Dr Florence Rodhain/University of Montpellier II
F-HK14/02T Molecular Mechanism of Plant Prevacuolar Compartments Prof Liwen JIANG/CUHK Dr Nadine PARIS/CNRS No. 6037
F-HK15/02T Novel Catalysts for C-C/C=C Bond-Forming Reactions and Fine Chemistry Prof Zuowei XIE/CUHK Dr Pierre H DIXNEUF/University of Rennes
F-HK23/02T Integrating constraint propagation into meta-heuristic algorithms for multiprocessor task scheduling Dr OGUZ Ceyda/PolyU Dr SEVAUX Marc/Universite de Valenciennes et du Hainaut Cambresis
F-HK24/02T A damage model for rock and concrete due to acid rain and shrinkage effects Prof Kam Tim Chau/PolyU Prof Jianfu Shao/University of Sciences and Technologies of Lille
F-HK16/02T Energy absorption of cellular materials under dynamic loading Prof Tongxi Yu/HKUST Prof Han Zhao/University of Paris 6
F-HK17/02T Chaotic mixing in microsystems Dr Yi-Kuen Lee/HKUST Prof Patrick Tabeling/CNRS No. 8550
F-HK20/02T Role of the transcription factor HNF-4a in acquisition and maintenance of intestinal functions related to lipid carbohydrate metabolism Dr Karl W K Tsim/HKUST Dr Martine A. Pincon-raymond/Inserm No. 505
F-HK06/02T Feasibility study of developing a central-coordinating system for supply chain management Dr. Felix Tung Sun Chan/HKU Prof. Gerd Finke/University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble
F-HK07/02T Hong Kong-French collaborative research on neotectonics of South China coastal belt Dr. Lung Sang Chan/HKU Dr. Manuel Pubellier/CNRS No. 8538